Silent Hill Origins on PS2 - official

It's been heavily rumoured more than once, and Konami has refused to be drawn on the matter, but the firm has finally coughed up word that Silent Hill Origins is PS2 bound.

The game was originally released on PSP last year, but if small screen horror doesn't phase you, get ready for the PS2 version.

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Marceles4657d ago

Actually they've been porting the GTA PSP games on PS2. Why can't we get a PS2 to PSP port? We've had some PS1 ports...bring on PS2!

mullet4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

So depending on how good the port is, I'm getting it. That makes 3 PS2 titles I'm looking forward to now haha. Twisted Metal: Head-On, Persona 4, and SH: Origins.

Gothdom4657d ago

I just bought this game for PSP about a week ago! (and I got the old PSP, so I can't plug it to my tv...)

Dudeson424657d ago

There hasn't been much to get me excited with the PS2 these days, but this is awesome, I'll definitely be picking this up.

Mr Tretton4657d ago

this is making it less of a sell for me to get a PSP, when the games I want from PSP are coming to PS2. great!

I want more life, f*cker.

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