10 Incredible Old Computer Ads

The blog 2spare has picked 10 incredible old computer ads. Click out to see how time move fast.

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Joey Gladstone4660d ago

...The guy craps GOLD nuggets, and pisses diamonds(a bit painful, but WELL WORTH IT)....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

StalkingSilence4660d ago

Ah.. so that's where Microsoft Excel gets its power from.

newneto4660d ago

In a few years we will be looking at old PS3 and XBOX360 adds and having fun.

LJWooly4660d ago

"The new 16k RAM card that turns your computer into a working giant!!"

"Operates at up to 4MHz!!"


I love looking at old ads. It makes me think about how we'll be laughing at our puny 500Gb HDD space, in about 10 years while we're enjoying 500TB of HDD space, 25GB of RAM, and download speeds of 100Mb/sec.


Skerj4660d ago

Hah dude I'm already at 1.5tb and I'm running out of space :( But I think I might upgrade to that 16k ram card, that's the future.

newneto4660d ago

I am upgrading my PS3 with System Industries: "80 MB for under $12,000".

Skerj4660d ago

I'm trading in my laptop for the briefcase portability from Digi-Log.

Diugu4660d ago

Same here... who needs Vaio when you can have Digi-Log?

LJWooly4660d ago

It's like a telephone... AND a computer!! Not only that, but it's in a SUITCASE!!! And it uses special space-age Cathode Ray Tube technoloy!!!

Better buy one now, before they run out of stock!

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