Gamasutra's Q&A: Alone In The Dark - Up Against The Possibilities

Alone in the Dark is a key title for publisher Atari, and the firm's Todd Slepian and Alissa Bell sat down with Gamasutra to discuss the multi-platform title launching in early 2008 - how has the originator evolved the survival horror paradigm?

The team aims to deliver the game, which leads on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but also has multiple other SKUs, over a series of episodes presented in one retail package - and is taking stylistic and presentational influences from television drama and action cinema.

When Gamasutra spoke to Atari's Alone In The Dark producer Todd Slepian and PR specialist Alissa Bell to take a look at the game in progress, they outlined discussed the challenges the developers, Eden Games, face in updating the franchise, which began all the way back in 1992 in the hands of Atari parent company Infogrames.

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