TGS06: Resistance (the Game) Is Futile

Let me start off by saying that I'm one of the rare breed who prefers their first-person shooters on console -- I'm allergic to PC gaming -- and was quite looking forward to having a go at Resistance on the show floor. Since it's one of the games that Sony deems worthy to keep hidden from public view -- to see anything you needed to queue before entering a closed-off play area made to look like one of the bombed-out bunkers in the game -- I did the 20-30 minute wait to get some hands-on action.

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drewdrakes5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

Although this is an opinion article, he brings up a few points others have overlooked. Mainly being the fact that the PS controller sucks with FPS's. Im not the one that has played it, but the new controller may improve that. MS is the clear victor in a good quality controller for FPS's. Right now. We shall see in the future. Depends how good the triggers are on the PS controller.

specialguest5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

hmm... everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it seems like the article author is alone on that one. 1up, IGN, and the rest stated that it was a great game. i will wait for a full review. until then, this game is still not on my "must buy list".

DJ5850d ago

That alone says a lot. Most of the PS3 downgrade rumors originated with this site, and they constantly hate on Sony. No one really knows why.

Aflac5850d ago

inquirer is where most the bs comes from, kotaku ususally gets valid info but not all the time. besides, this article is just one guys opinion, so, its meaningless anyway

wakkiwakko5850d ago

So it's better to listen to monotonous white sheep? I think it’s better to listen to the odd black sheep as they tell you what to expect so you won't be that surprised when the game sucks. White frolicy sheep will tell you how great things are and will make everything sound perfect. And you end up disappointed when they’re wrong. Black sheep often offer surprises. They could tell you game is crap, buggy and all, but when you play it all the bugs they mention are worthless and you end up enjoying the game even more.

It’s best to know what’s wrong with the product beforehand than finding out on your own after purchase. :p

wakkiwakko5850d ago

You can't just go and ignore every negative article about ps3 and such. All the positive things can be seen as if they were written by ps3 fanboys who were soo excited that they finally got to play their ps3 and they ignored all the flaws. Y'know?

I’m sure resistance is great and all, but he could be right about the controls.

zypher5850d ago

no one's saying just ignore every negative article about the PS3. but Kotaku has said nothing but negative things about the PS3 (at least since TGS). i'm sorry, when the bulk of websites say how Resistance is great, it's kinda hard NOT to ignore a site that's notorious for dissing everything PS3. especially when by the article's own admission the author didn't really give the game a chance.

Islandkiwi5850d ago

They really liked Lair, for example. Yeah, they can be snarky about the ps3...but the website is generally snarky about all the consoles.

I read an article once (and I forget if it was gamespot or ign) where someone had asked about the difference between previews and reviews. The person from the website responded by saying previews are written to make people excited about the game, so they write them with a positive spin. It's the reviews where they retain their objectivity.

I think Kotaku just goes right away for the honesty...salted with humorous cycnicism, of course.

happygamer5850d ago

for the fps fans this game should sell well but i dont think i would like it much. if it has a good online system i would like it a lot more. i hope the ps platform network is better than what ps2 had.

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