Euro 360 Video Store to Get Major Movie Boost?

Microsoft UK says that new European Xbox 360 Video Store content will be released "in the coming weeks", although it adds that the recent suggestion by its Irish division that a major content boost bringing the European service in line with the content-heavy US Marketplace is premature.

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Dathcha4660d ago

As much as this information is a joyous announcement, I would REALLY like to hear from MicroSoft on their expansion plans for the Video Marketplace into the rest of Europe...

I was really excited early december 2007 until I found out that "Europe" only meant 4 countries...

So keep adding content MicroSoft, but please also realise that Europe means more than those 4 countries...

Capt CHAOS4660d ago

I have been b1tching about the lack of content since the day after the service was launched. Glad they're finally getting it together.

The service does however, work very well.

Tommie4660d ago

Does Holland finnaly get the Video Marketplace? I didn't switch to Elite for nothing you know......