5 Great and Awful Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks are essential to most heroes, and since video games happen to be fairly populated with heroes of sorts, the sidekicks are a' plenty. The Newspail staff decided to put together a little list of those who's sidekickery rocked, and those who couldn't sidekick their way through a tissue.

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Septicliquid4664d ago

The "worst" picks were my fav. Cole is pretty worthless, but then again I don't expect much in terms of story from Epic.

ElfShotTheFood4664d ago

The list is incomplete without Superfly Johnson.

dolbex4664d ago

Yea, superfly came up in our initial big lists but slipped through the cracks. Definitely worth a mention.

saifuzz4664d ago

Haha, Superfly was definitely considered, but we figured that one horribly racist stereotype was enough.

mikeslemonade4664d ago

Noway, I actually preferred Rachel over Ryu in Sigma. She's just a more fun character to use and her moves are more smooth where as Ryu is more direct and fast, but then the recoil after Ryu's power moves aren't as realistic and fun as Rachels.

Septicliquid4664d ago

Plus the physics. Can't forget those custom Team Ninja bounce physics.

mikeslemonade4664d ago

I'm not even a boob person. Rachel just moves so gracefully in the game. I vote for a game that has just her in it as the main character.

saifuzz4664d ago

I only just recently started playing Sigma and I was surprised at how well she controlled. And she's also got some great moves too! She's a lot better than the "filler" character I assumed she might be to that game. But when I was writing this article up I was mostly referencing her in the first Xbox Ninja Gaiden so she was still just a walking cleavage factory.

mikeslemonade4664d ago

She does have less moves but the few moves she has are better than Ryu's best. Nothing beats the decapitation moves she can do. Those never get old.

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godoftime4664d ago

Kai as Nariko's "sidekick" for a secondary character, Kai was really fun to play as.

Septicliquid4664d ago

I would go the other way. I find child characters to be highly irritating in "more mature" games. Her dialog overall bothered me, and the fact that they decided to make her speak in broken english.

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