UGO Gamesblog: Most Anticipated in 2008: Wii

Old-school gamers need to face facts about the Wii. Nintendo remains the progressive, forward-thinking force in video gaming that they've always been. The difference now is that "forward-thinking" requires embracing an entirely new animal: the casual gamer. Video gaming for the masses, as it were. The highlight releases for the Wii console in 2008 reflect this broader mindset, with revered classic licenses appearing alongside playful, danger-free distractions. While this no doubt comes as a disappointment to fans still waiting for 3D remakes of Kid Icarus and Gumshoe (yes, Gumshoe!), a wider public acceptance of gaming is a good thing for the industry and its most ardent (read: hardcore) supporters.

UGO Gamesblog continues with the third in their series of six features covering the most anticipated releases of 2008 by platform. Feature by Adam .

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