PS3 games will be Region Free, but no Components cable in the box

Looks like PS3 games will be region free. Now after this piece of news I wonder how many imported PS3's will be sold?

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Islandkiwi5850d ago

Would that mean no cables at all? And if there are cables, what kind would they include?

wakkiwakko5850d ago

controller conectors. Power adapter cable. That could be it.

eques judicii5850d ago

A/V cables or S-video probably, because they are cheap and sony is already making the ps2 video cables which I think will work on the ps3

Marriot VP5850d ago

This is so surprising considering their whole marketing pitch as been true HD and HD content. But yet the PS3 won't have HDMI or Component, which means it won't be HD ready out of the box.

Well this is another way their cutting the costs of PS3, so instead of loosing 250 per console it's 230. May seem small but the minus 20 bucks makes a huge difference after a couple million. Also those numbers aren't concrete, it's probably somewhere around 2-300.

Another accessory you'll have to buy I guess.

specialguest5850d ago

but then again, if you have an HDTV, then you should already have your own component cable. if not, then why even buy an HDTV to begin with...kinda defeats the whole purpose of owning one.

Marriot VP5850d ago

actually, for component or AV out your gonna need to buy Sony's cable because they did the same thing with the 360's universal jack in the back. The only cable that you can use of your own is the HDMI.

Now they can charge whatever they want for it, most likely 20-30 bucks.

TheMART5850d ago

Yup, my 360 also connect with it's own special connector, not a universal one.

SO this is just plain dull. No HDMI cable, no component cable.

Is this where true HD starts? With S-video?

Thanks Sony! So it's 600 dollar/euro plus added a component/HDMI cable of 50 dollars/euro.

Damn fine

kingboy5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

finally i`ll get to import those hot american sports tilttles that always make a late European launch 2-3 months after lol! themart and his friend are always the first ones checking on ps3 news and showing very deep concern more than any average ps3 fan

FeralPhoenix5850d ago

OK, so its less than 2 months before launch and there's still major questions about Sony's online plans?, exact prices of games?, what the PSP & PS3 connection functionality will actually be like?, and now we hear component cables are not included with no final word on exactly what cables are included? Then you add the fact that the only launch game that is 100%complete is RR7, and most of the others are less than 85% complete and some have noticeable framerate issues, which will likely be corrected before completion, but the point is that they still have alot of work ahead of them, prior to launch in less than 2 months...and thats just the things I thought of off the top of my head, I know theres more.....WOW, Can you say?, "Rush to Launch". Seriously for all of you Sonyfanboys who thought the 360 was rushed, well I actually agree that some of the launch titles were total rush jobs from some dev's -cough, *EA!*, but the 360 is prooving to be anything but rushed well your in for a hell of a rush job for the PS3, I mean seriously M$ was in alot better shape at this point prior to launching the 360....but hey you never know maybe Sony and dev's will put in alot of overtime next month, and get everything done.....we'll see?

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