DMC4 Demo This Thursday on PSN...In Japan


"Want to get your mits on a Devil May Cry 4 demo as soon as possible and don't care what language it's in? Get your Japan accounts up and running, because it's coming this Thursday."

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techie4290d ago

Other story says XBL, this one says PSN - the original Japan source doesn't mention "xboxkings" just like to twist things up.

TriggerHappy4290d ago

Great find deep. This is a of a much better quality than the other post and this was gives more information as well. Thanks for posting this.

techie4290d ago

Yup, I agree. Not duplicate since the other says it's coming to XBL ONLY - and is only listed in the Xbox section, meaning those who visit the PS3 section of n4g, won't see the news. This source also says they are not sure of the XBL version, since the original Japanese source makes no mention of it. Not duplicate.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4290d ago

i love having a JP PSN account.


yes, man.

nice find.

blacsheep4290d ago

bro you deserve a round of applause

great find

bubbles up

Korosuke4290d ago

Actually, original source(DMC4 dev blog) says, "both version".

techie4290d ago

Thanks :)

UglyGreen, as does this source.

WilliamRLBaker4290d ago

gosh damn deep this and a forum post? you sure are a whiney baby.

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Bathyj4290d ago

I'll go the English version. I can wait a week.

Multigamer4290d ago

how is this not a duplicate story.

Liquid Ocelot4290d ago

Its not a duplicate story because the first article said that a demo was going to appear on XBL only and this one says its coming to PSN.
Is that a clear enough explanation for you?

picker3324290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Can you play as far as the whole game in 10 min(dhought that),but say like 2 boss fight's,can you do that in 10 min?
If you can then i think i wait feb07,becouse i don't want any spoiler things.

Killjoy30004290d ago

looks like ill be logging into SLANTEDEYES this thursday lol. (sorry if i offended anybody)

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The story is too old to be commented.