CVG: WipEout HD looks STUNNING

CVG writes:

"We thought WipEout HD looked decent enough when we posted the first shots of an early preview version, but these new shots show the game has coming on in leaps and bounds."

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predator4662d ago

Looks great, whens this out on psn?

mighty_douche4662d ago

your guess is as good as mine...

Rikitatsu4662d ago

When it will come out ?

Salvadore4662d ago

I guess this year around March or April.

socsca4662d ago

Nice nice, I like this game, been playing pulse on my psp so I'll def be looking into this one for my ps3. Man, psn-games are really sh!tting al over the xbla ones... Too bad there aren't more, yet. Then again xbla games never did it for me, except geo wars and carcasonne. Move along fanboy, no need to reply, just stating my personal opinion.

DarkSniper4662d ago

Only the Playstation® Network provides the capabilities of producing top notch gameplay combined with lush and beautiful visuals combined into a small download. WipEout HD is a prime example of what developers are capable of with PLAYSTATION® 3 hardware when intertwined in the Playstation Network.

Gamers worldwide have kept a keen eye on such greatness as WipEout HD as most gamers worldwide would rather experience this undeniable futuristic racing game than playing such garbage as Undertow and Aegis Wing.


liquidsnake4662d ago

You're damn right mate ;)

Regret4662d ago

I love his posts (sniper).

THX71684662d ago

It's a really fun game and best of all it's free. It's no where near the quality of WipEout HD but from the beginning it was designed to be a free game, so you can't really expect much. It sucks playing alone but it really is a fun multiplayer game.

I agree with Undertow being garbage though. I wouldn't pay a dime for that game. Good thing MS is giving away Undertow for free for a limited time. I probably won't even play it but I love downloading free sh|t.

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The story is too old to be commented.