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Nave360's Charlie writes:

"After many years of constant delays and promises, Blizzard has finally released the highly anticipated game, Diablo III. Personally, I had no interest in the game and thought that the game just wouldn't be good purely because it's taken them so long, but it looks like yet again I have just been punched in the face by the game, and I must say that was a good punch."

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fermcr2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Stop with these crap reviews. An unplayable game doesn't deserve 9's and 10's.

EDIT: I have internet (and it's stable), but this game most of the time has error's when i try to play. Already uninstalled it. Even when i played, this game compared to other RPG's out there, doesn't deserve a 9 (not even close).

Kran2308d ago

It is playable. Just not to those without an internet.

kostchtchie_2308d ago

well said mate, a game with these much issues does not deserve high scores, yet if it was different no name developer they would be punished to high heaven for there games mistakes.... gaming journalist this gen = fail

Kran2308d ago

Journalism as a whole is a fail mate :/

Kran2308d ago

It must be something on your end because most people, myself included, haven't encountered any of those errors.

I did during launch, because... yknow... that was launch. But I gave it time to calm down and since then it's been very stable.

Christopher2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

It's not on 'our' ends, it's completely dependent on the efficiency of your ISP and your distance to their servers. The game is playable, but seriously, it's far from optimal. I get about 200ms latency with a Verizon FiOS 20Mbps up/down connection that tests at a 7ms latency to my ISP. The 200ms latency isn't bad for most of the game, but as soon as champion/boss mobs start spawning, it drops drastically as the system calls for the AI of the mobs being called. Unfortunately, at later levels and on harder than normal, this can result in automatic death on my part.

Playing hardcore is not an option.

So, for a game I play in single player mode only, this is completely the fault of Blizzard. Not me, not my ISP, Blizzard. They're the ones who decided a single player experience should also rely on their online service.

And, as you say, most people may be okay. But doesn't every gamer deserve optimal performance? Why should we be hampered by their design rather than our own?

celtic12308d ago

I think people are being a bit to harsh on diablo 3 i personally think its a great game sure its not the greatest and it has some flaws but so does every game. as for the servers alot of people were having trouble at launch but so does every game. i think blizzard has sorted out most of there problems. (its a bit short)