Q&A with Project Lead from Crusader Kings "Sword of Islam"

With the launch of the Sword of Islam DLC for Crusader Kings 2, Muslim Gamer had a Q&A with Henrik Fåhraeus on the research that went into the game, what we can expect in the future from Paradox , what the chances of console games are from the dev team and more

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Gazondaily3441d ago

It's good to finally play as a Muslim in gaming. I don't really recall any roles where Muslims were the protagonists.

muslimgamer3441d ago

Agreed. Its nearly always USA vs the world in some way. 1C has a few games where you play as the other side and now Paradox is trying something different too. Its good to change things up and offer something different.

Bolts3441d ago

What are you talking about? I've played as the Ts plenty of time in Counterstrike or as the Arabs in BF 3. Hows that different than this game...speaking of which, do you guys even play CK 2 so you can actually know WTF you're talking about? The Muslim faction represented in this DLC and time period can hardly be called as the "protagonist".

Gazondaily3440d ago

Do you want to calm down before you spill your cereal all over the keyboard kid?

Terrorists in Counter Strike are definitely protagonists right? Observe the definition of terrorism then come back to me. Arabs in Battlefield 3? You mean Russians? And they are protagonists how?

Think before you type genius.