Hirai: 1.2 million PS3's sold in Europe over Xmas

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President and CEO Kazuo Hirai announced today that the company has sold 1.2 million PlayStation 3 consoles throughout European during the 2007 Christmas period.

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Rikitatsu4662d ago

So that VGchartz reports of PS3 outselling 360 Worldwide is true after all ?!!!!!

Bastard 3604662d ago

Buy buy 360, 3 place for you!

resistance1004662d ago

When it comes to Hardware, VG charts is near enough spot on the money with only a small percentage off.

Its the software figures i don't trust

SDFm3rc4662d ago

if you count *shipped* as being *sold* son.

SOny managed to *ship* 1.2 million PS triples in Europe, big deal.

liquidsnake4662d ago

It was sold Ps3's doofus not shipped.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4662d ago

isnt this the same thing they said with the NA numbers and it turned out to be shipped not sold.

Sez 4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

sold to retailer.

@below. MS and nintendo always counted theirs as sold to retailers. while sony just change the way they track numbers this year.

Ashta4662d ago

About midway through 2007 Sony switched how they were tracking their own sales because people complained (mainly internet sources) that they thought that it was unfair that Sony was only tracking systems that left the warehouse to the dealer.

Funny how people complained about Sony doing that when that is exactly what Microsoft does, but, I digress, Sony is now tracking the amount of units sold from retailers so that they can promote stronger sales without having people coming behind them saying they are being dishonest. Also, VGChartz has been pretty close to the exact number in Japan and The NA territories but they have grossly undertracked the PS3 in the european countries.

Even their users have told them they were off on the number of units sold in France alone by like 500k (undertracked) but they say they cant change that because of some margin of error or something.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that Hirai isn't too far off of that number.

ravinash4662d ago

Its the shipped items which is where Sony gets its money.
Plus I'd say that shops arn't buying consoles just to fill up their there must people people buying them.

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THAMMER14662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Wooo yay!!!

edit: @kevin1122
So if I was posting PS3 FTW, RROD,Halo4 and NG2 for PS3, and KIll the 360 my posts would not look desperate? Tell me if I'm missing some thing here.

kevin11224662d ago

i dont know why you bother doing what you do, it just makes you look so desperate. and wtf is there to be desperate about, they are video game consoles.

Amnesiac4662d ago

LOL @ Halo 4, they haven't made Halo 3 yet.

No, I'm serious that game is Halo 2.5

Halo 3 is probably just a little better than what Halo 2 should of been if Bungie wasn't rushed as hell.

wil4hire4662d ago

It was "LOL Only 12 million to go"

"LOL Only 9 million to go"

"LOL Only 7 million to go"

I'm pretty sure you were riding your dreamcast all the way to the buy-one-get-one-free bin as well.

Do you honestly think that a 7million lead and 1 year head start means that the PS3 wont catch up and surpass the 360? Honestly. You think its impossible?

It sold without games, or home. So just passing interest in bluray and a handful of "non aaa" titles makes up for 1/2 the 360 sales in one year.

LOL this is going to be funny to watch

"LOL Only 5 million to go!"

"LOL.. Only 2 million to go..."

"OMG.. 1 mill to go.. wtf .. come on"

"heh.. 500k to go..."

"20...(RROD) oh noes"

And that will be the end of your pathetic existence.


what was the shipped number for the xbox and the wii for the same period ?

its just a question.

jcgamer4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

you guys definitely came through for the PS3 and truly are the the determining factor for PS3's respectable ww sales performance this past year and holiday in my opinion...awesome...and that launch PS3 price tag? WHOA! lol so thanks guys...cheers and game on...sup mighty_douche, Meus, LJWooly and blacsheepxx! :)

Iamback4662d ago

we know that very well. We got it in March 07 and still menaged to sell more with higher price point than in NA

jcgamer4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

thanks man and bubbles up... @CRIMSON_WOLF thanks man and bubbles up...

mighty_douche4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

^^UK bringing up the rear!!!

ive always found EU good for judging hardware, with most of it being US or Asia produced we (EU) dont suffer from the so called "brand loyalty"

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