PS3 games - $75 to $80. Wow.

Undoubtedly the bit which will have most gamers worried is the fact that PS3 games will retail for between 8,800 and 9,800 yen which is approximately $75 to $85.

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Marriot VP5844d ago

come on shadow, these are exchange rates. Do you say the 360 games or console over in australia or GB are the same in the U.S..

Let's just wait a month or two to sling poo, shall we.

zypher5844d ago

i don't really see what the big deal is, considering that for the most part most PS2 games sold between $60 and $70 in Japan before being reduced to the sub $50 price in America. $75 to $80 PS3 games in Japan will more than likely translate to $60 PS3 games in America.

wakkiwakko5844d ago

I think it could cost more in the us. :D

zypher5844d ago

no, i think you WANT it to cost more in the US, as it would give you something else to slam the PS3 for.

wakkiwakko5844d ago

How so? I'm not slamming the the PS3. I'm just saying that the price in Japan is obviously lower than the price in North America.

For the wii, for example, VC games cost 500y - 1000y, that's 4.29 usd - 8. Yet, you're paying 5/10bux for the card. You understand?

I don't want the prices for PS3 games to be expensive. it's fun to joke around like that. Making fun of ps3 and such. But when all of it starts becoming more than just silly fairy tales, it's rather sad.

kmis875844d ago

The ps3 is retailing for $1200 New Zealand Dollars! That almost certainly means that the premium ps3 will cost $800 in the United States!

The speculation on the cost of ps3 games is as stupid as the paragraph I just wrote. The games will be $60 because thats the price point of games at the time in the US and Japanese exchange rates don't set the prices over here. If they did, we'd be getting Wii's for about $50 less.

Eternal E 8085844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

i been saying it, i knew this from the beginning.

Jakens5844d ago

I'll pay it...yes, they got me pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.