HardGame2's best of 2007: PC

HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, has published the List of the best games in the last 2007 on PC.

Best Game of the Year -> Bioshock
Second best Game of the Year-> Crysis
Third best Game of the Year-> World in Conflict

Other Awards:
1. Best Action Game: Crysis
2. Best Action-Adventure Game: Bioshock
3. Best Strategy Game: World in Conflict
4. Best Sports Game: Football Manager 2008
5. Best Role Game: The Witcher
6. Best Expansion: Civilization IV Beyond the Sword
7. Best MMO Game: World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade
8. Best Racing Game: Need for Speed ProStreet
9. Best Adventure Game: Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle
10. Best Simulation Game: Silent Hunter IV
11. Best History: The Witcher
10. Best Graphics: Crysis
11. Best Music: Bioshock
12. Best Sound: Bioshock
13. Best Gameplay: Unreal Tournament III
14. Best Sequel: Command & Conquer 3
15. Best Dubbing: Sparta
16. Most Innovative Game: Portal
17. Game Revelation: World in Conflict
18. More Addictive Game: Enemy Territory Quake Wars
19. Best Atmosphere: Bioshock
21. Best Multiplayer Experience: Enemy Territory Quake Wars
22. Best Spanish edition: Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle
23. Best Game of the Year for the readers of HardGame2: Crysis

In few days, HardGame2 will publish the best of 2007 on Xbox 360, PS2 and NDS.

Best of 2007 on PlayStation 3:
Best of 2007 on PSP:
Best of 2007 on Wii:

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Batusai4665d ago

Who say the PC is dead? jajajjaja

Charmers4665d ago

console kiddies with half a brain cell lol

fermcr4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

I said it and i will say it again, in 2007 the PC had better games in general then the consoles.

And the if the idea of "games for free" from electronic arts (first game is battlefield heroes) is successful... then the consoles are going to have a bad time in the future. Imagine in the future if PC games are free, suporting adds... imagine the number of players that have PC's

The future of PC gaming is games with adds

MK_Red4664d ago

BioShock RULES. Simply the best game of 2007 even though many deny it. Go Big Daddy!