Sony Are Mishandling The Playstation Vita

Despite the potential, the PlayStation Vita has a lot of issues right now, and it’s all stemming from Sony.

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Morpheus-13492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

:looks at the list of games available for vita:
: looks at the vita games coming out this year:

The vita will be fine and Sony is supplying the games. More software will sell the system but you have to give credit to Sony for the games already available when the system launched 4 months ago.

Ps vita launched with more games than the 3ds garnered in a year on the market. I can't wait for killzone vita and I can't wait for cod, assassins creed and GTA on vita . With very popular games like assassins creed, GTA, lbp, and cod, the vita should have some nice sales increase

Fanboys are silly. The year of any console or system is every year they are available.

guitarded773491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I think it's interesting how all of these blogs/sites went from "best launch line-up of games ever!" to "where are the games". Vita has a good catalog for the time it's been out and that's not including PSP games and Minis. Sure, I wish there were more Vita games out now, but it's still really early in the handheld's life cycle. Everyone who knows Sony, knows the games are coming... there's only so much that can come out at one time.

Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty
Little Big Planet
Ragnarok Odyssey
New Little King's Story
Dragon's Crown
Final Fantasy X HD
Ghost Recon Final Mission
Jet Set Radio
Persona 4
Madden 13
Need for Speed Most Wanted
PlayStation All-Stars
Retro City Rampage
Silent Hill Book of Memories
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Zone of the Enders

That's just some of the games announced... we know there will be more quality games announced later like God of War and Gran Turismo.

mamotte3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

OK, first of all, I wanna make clear that I dont think those games are bad by anyway; it's just that, how many of those games are COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE to PS Vita? There's a difference between making games for a console, and bringing great games for a console. I know, they're not direct ports, but to make it short, the Vita need more games like Gravity Rush, games that you need to own a Vita to experience'em. Like Patapon for PSP.

Original games, that's all.

Again, not saying those games are bad... but a new console must have new "experiences", or at least, I think that way.

GribbleGrunger3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I'm getting bored with this negativity. people jump on them like foam-mouthed zealots. you can almost feel them punching the air with one hand while typing this crap with the other

the trend so far:

Vita is cheaper than we thought
Vita has a brilliant launch lineup
Where are the Vita games?
Vita gets lots of games announced
But where are the exclusives?
They're exclusive to a PS branded product
where are the exclusives just for the Vita?
when will we get cross play?
We have cross play but not on every game
but when will we get the exclusives?
to get cross play the game has to run on PS3 too
Why are the apps disjointed?

this happens with every PS branded product and largely through American media

Sony gives 12 games away with PS+, three new ones every month, discount, deals and exclusive betas
But I've already got those games.


Seraphemz3491d ago

@mamotte - then why does nintendo get so much praise for rehashing their games like mario luigi zelda...i mean come on!

BitbyDeath3491d ago


You forgot to add in there.

Vita is cheaper than we thought
Vita has a brilliant launch lineup
**So when is Vita getting a pricecut?**
Where are the Vita games?

maddfoxx3491d ago

Have to agree with manotte on this one. PS Vita needs some original hits. Im not buying a $300 handheld to play ports and spinoffs. Sure, Uncharted on Vita looks pretty cool, but thats a game I've experianced three times already on my ps3. Gravity Rush is a great start, but its not enough to make me buy a Vita.

dcbronco3491d ago

Vita doesn't sell for a reason. Or for many of the reasons people have mentioned. It was supposed to have one of the greatest group of launch title ever. It didn't matter. The price was said to be lower than expected. It didn't matter. It has many titles coming. So what's wrong.

It is probably the same as always. A vocal minority. A small group that is in love with Sony. But the majority aren't that interested. I know I'll get a bunch of disagrees. Anything not singing Sony's praises does. But at the end of the day. The Vita is not selling. So something is wrong. And something is right about the perceived "negative" articles.

Hisiru3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Vita needs more exclusive/unique games. I have both vita and 3DS. I LOVE my vita (as a hardware) and I think the hardware is far superior than the hardware on the 3DS, but I already have a PS3... I can't see myself buying games like Street Fighter x Tekken for vita, and I think HD console games aren't reason enough for people to buy a vita, maybe that's why it's not selling well.

Where is Loco Roco? Where is Patapon? Where is God of War (exclusively for Vita)? Come on Sony! This hardware has so much potential! Vita is so incredible! Why can't you give me more unique/exclusive titles for it? I am sure it will give more reasons for people to buy it.

This is the list of games you can ONLY find on 3DS:
-Super Mario 3D Land
-Resident Evil: Revelations
-Kid Icarus: Uprising
-Pilotwings Resort
-Professor Layton
-New Super Mario Bros. 2
-Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
-Mario Kart 7
-Paper Mario (it's a brand new Paper Mario game)
-Luigi's Mansion 2
-Heroes of Ruin
-Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
-Mario Tennis
-Fire Emblem: Awakening
-Animal Crossing (brand new animal crossing game with new features)
-Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
-Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
-Shin Megami Tensei IV (already announced)
-Etrian Odyssey 4
-Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
-Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
-Monster Hunter 4
-Rune Factory 4
-Dead or Alive: Dimensions
-Samurai Warriors Chronicles
-Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
-Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
-Sonic Generations (the 3DS versio is actually a 2D platform game only , 3DS has an exclusive version)
-Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
-Dream Trigger 3D
-Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion
-Project X Zone
-Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland 3D

This is the list of good games you can only find on vita (from your list, and I added more):
Assassin's Creed (it's a new AC game, not port or remake)
Little Big Planet (same case here)
Ragnarok Odyssey
Dragon's Crown
Ghost Recon Final Mission
Retro City Rampage
Silent Hill Book of Memories
Gravity Rush
WipEout 2048
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Super Stardust Delta
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Soul Sacrifice (new IP and we don't even know it is going to be good)
Unit 13 (bad AI, but people like this game, so I will put it here)

3DS has a lot of third party exclusive games like Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Professor Layton etc. Vita is more like first party + remakes/ports/games I can have on my PS3.

But of course, we need to give time for Vita, I thin it's to early to say anything yet. But I really want a Loco Roco/Patapon game for vita.......

I am not saying those games are bad and I am not bashing vita (I have one and I love it). I am just saying that Sony and third parties needs to give more reason for people to buy it. I don't want to see vita selling so bad because it has potential and we know that.

As much as I love my vita and my 3DS, both handhelds has flaws (3DS has a weak hardware with poor social features and Vita lacks an important element: a good number of exclusive games).

PoSTedUP3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I bought the Vita for a port.... Persona4. that's all i'm saying. this is pretty much the first handheld with this power and two joysticks, I DONT CARE WHAT THE GAMES ARE just keep 'em coming!! : D. and please, stop %#&%ing complaining!

i bought a PSP3000 Just so i could play "PORTS" on the GO, socom and Granturismo.

Sony and Vita 4 Lyfe.

Hisiru3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

that's ok Persona 4 is an incredible game but I can't see myself buying it for the second time (I already finished it on PS2). I am just saying Sony should give more unique/exclusive games for this portable. I don't regret my vita purchase (by no means) but I want more exclusive games and I want a new Patapon or Loco Roco.

And granturismo isn't a port. It's a brand new Gran Turismo game for PSP.

morganfell3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I have to disagree with the article. Gaming, and that is all of gaming, has a huge problem and it is the press. It is these cheap websites like gamingcapacity and it is the large websites like IGN.

The single biggest problem in gaming at the moment is the press interjecting themselves into an industry IN WHICH THEY DO NOT WORK BUT THINK THEY HAVE THE DIVINE RIGHT TO DICTATE.

If every one of these places simply vanished tomorrow and we gamers received videos and game info from the developers and then were forced to rely on our own opinions and those of close, trusted friends the gaming world would be much better for it.

Take a hike weatherman, I don't need you to tell me which way the wind is blowing.

sikbeta3491d ago

List wars? Nice... how about MOAR GAMES! and that's it, gettting ports and spin-offs will not help the Vita, games like Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice which are new and EXCLUSIVES are the kind of games that will help Vita

Hicken3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

We gotta get you some more bubbles. Seems like every comment I read of yours rings true, yet you're sitting on just one bubble. On the flipside, there are people whose every comment has some sort of skewed agenda against particular companies- or supporters of said companies- and they run around posting with 4+ bubbles.

I can only imagine what this generation would have been like if the gaming media had actually reported things factually and not spun it this way or that for the sake of headlines and popularity. I daresay the results of the generation could well have been entirely different.

For example, LevelHead wouldn't be e-stalking me because I wouldn't have to correct fallacious statements against my favorite console developer, because those statements wouldn't be treated like truth. Hell, they wouldn't exist.

Alas, for now, we can only deal with what is as we work toward what it SHOULD be...

Edit: @Hisiru

You're joking, right? You're gonna compare all the games out and announced for the 3DS when it's over a YEAR old to only SOME of the Vita's games? Well, that's alright, I guess. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Hisiru3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Just because I love my vita and my 3DS it doesn't mean I will defend the 3DS or Vita all the time like you are doing (Sony and Nintendo aren't giving me money). Sometimes I need to talk about the flaws both handhelds have.

I have nothing against vita. People gave me a list and I also gave a list. I am complaining about the lack of exclusive games and not the console.

Is Soul Sacrifice, Ragnarok, LBP and Killzone already released? I didn't know that. You said "some" and that's the problem, that's all the exclusive games vita has, and I am asking for more games as a vita owner, I am not attacing it. I even said that 3DS also has a lot of flaws, so there is no fanboyism there. I just hope COD is actually an exclusive game with different campaing or else I will just buy it for my PS3.

I had a blast playing Gravity Rush and it's an unique/exclusive experience you can only find on vita, I'm hungry for more.

News4Noobs-3490d ago

The thing is that Sony don't know to make their products sell like hot cakes from the beginning.... It is like "we trust in the quality of our hardware"

If it wasn't because 'PlayStation' already has its name, I don't think Sony at this point would be able to enter as a new "competitor" because they just don't know how to advertise their products right... They don't have a key like Apple and other companies do. I mean look at Apple

andibandit3490d ago Show
metroid323490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Your missing the point the vita will make for some very ruff experiences if all there going to do is port 360 games down to the vita all you end up with is sub par games that would be better played on home console.

3DS has games like MGS3D/RE REVELATIONS/MH3G/MK7/KID ICURUS/ect with MK7 being the best graphical MK to date and that says alot about the game plus its the best online racer even beating out Consoles ect ive seen many reviews that state the online in MK7 is flawless and its the most challenging racing game ive played in a decade.

And Capcom said they will show MH4 soon on 3DSXL wow,the 3DS gets proper ground up games that blow Vita's best out of the water end of,don't forget that trailer fof actual 3ds footage of E.X Troopers looks better than 95% of vita games and Lego city undercover 3ds will be awesome along with Conduit 3D.

HaVoK3083490d ago

And most of those games will be on the PS3 and other Platforms. The Vita does not need games people already own on the PS3. Or games that are basically the same with Touch controls added. Or games from a franchise created by the "B" team. This strategy is not working. It will not work.

The Vita needs platform exclusive games! Game that will compel people to buy the system. The Hardware is nice, but now the iPad 3 has better resolution with better Touch controls. It is what it does after all. And 98% of its games are under $5. Sony does not even seem to know what the Vita is, or where it fits in. How are the consumers supposed to know?

I have yet to even get the smallest amount of interest in purchasing the console. It's not even the cost. I could buy one tomorrow if I wanted to. There is nothing on the system that excites me. And apparently many feel the exact same.

Delusional fanboys will always rally to its defense. That's what obnoxious people with misplaced loyalty do. But the majority of rational gamers will pass. Just like they have done, and most likely will continue to do.

Christopher3490d ago

***Have to agree with manotte on this one. PS Vita needs some original hits. Im not buying a $300 handheld to play ports and spinoffs. Sure, Uncharted on Vita looks pretty cool, but thats a game I've experianced three times already on my ps3. Gravity Rush is a great start, but its not enough to make me buy a Vita.***

Not to be blunt, but isn't that the exact same thing on the 3DS? Mario, Zelda, usual third-party games, rinse, repeat? Both systems are extensions of their console base. But, just because they are from the same IP, doesn't mean that most of the games aren't new and interesting to play on their own.

guitarded773490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I think most of you missed my point. I did not compare the Vita catalog to 3DS because it's been out for over a year and Vita has been out for 4 and a half months.

I simply listed some of the upcoming games for the Vita because everyone is barking about how it needs games. Once again, the system has been out for 4 and a half months and it already has an impressive catalog with all the games I listed coming to the Vita before too long.

New IP's are awesome, but if that's what you think sells systems, you are mistaken. It's mega franchises that push systems. Most big franchises coming to the Vita have their own stories... their own campaigns, while those with the same gameplay as their console brethren support cross-play... a feature unique to the Vita just like dual analog sticks.

Sony wants a console quality experience on the Vita and they are doing the best at bringing it with huge franchises, new IP's, lots of apps and deep feature set. I can't wait to see what the next 4 and a half months bring.

4 and 1/2 months
4 and a half months
four and 1/2 months
four and a half months

Get my point?

Look back at the PS3 catalog at 4.5 months and look at where it is today. Your new IP's are coming so settle down.

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live2play3491d ago

the vita is not even a year old

ofcourse it doesnt have an amazing game library

these things take something called "TIME"

i know kids these days cant wait for anything... being the entitled a-holes they are

Haha1233491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Nintendo announced

Kingdom Hearts
Resident Evil Revelations
Resident Evil Merceneries
Paper Mario
Luigis Mansion 2
Fire Emblem
Monster Hunter 4
Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright :)

all when the 3DS wasnt even a year old...

Some A-holes like some assurance of their £200 investment

@Jon and what would you call it?

jon12343491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

@Haha123 HA HA.... investment......

a purchase.... i sure as hell wouldnt call it an investment.

tehpees33491d ago

Its not so much entitlement more jumping the gun. They said this with 3DS. Now they are saying it with Vita and Wii U. It gets off to a slow start and therefore its a failure.

Its too soon to say if its failed yet. But for some reason they still do it -_-

DigitalAnalog3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

There's a huge difference between "announcing" and "releasing". So far, only Revelations have been released within your list of games when the 3DS came out in it's first year. Meanwhile Sony has already "announced" COD/AC and Souls Sacrifice, all intended to be released within the first fiscal year of the Vita. Meanwhile, your other games is yet to be released LATE 2nd fiscal year of the 3DS. I wonder what would happen with Vita's 2nd fiscal?

feeter3491d ago

The N64 had the largest library of games when first released

Seraphemz3491d ago

HAHA - And that list is mainly rehashed whats the point?

live2play3491d ago


announcements DO NOT count

i cant play announcements

the 3ds got the same flak

and the 3ds gets the same logic

games take time to make

same thing the wiiu is getting

games TAKE TIME to make

wanting for a console to come roaring out of the gates wiht a massive library is....stupid

Ezio-Auditore003491d ago

@haha123 those games you just wrote down would be a whole lot better on the ps vita than the 3ds

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RememberThe3573491d ago

Not that I disagree, but since everyone seems to have a defense for the Vita, why is it not doing better sales wise? Is it a lack of big name titles? have the games been disappointing? I don't own a Vita so I don't know, but if the system is so great why is it not catching on like it seems it should have?

And please if you answer my question but get all defensive and bitchy, I'm asking an honest question.

Seraphemz3491d ago

I honestly think that its the price. Not everyone can afford it. Its an awesome machine, and definately worth the price, but I really think that right now its a luxury not everyone can have.
I love it, im glad that I can afford it.

Hicken3491d ago

You can say you're asking for an honest opinion, but in the end, you can disregard whatever responses you like as "defensive and bitchy."

Truth be told, a lot of it has to do with perception. Hell, I'll say all of it. Look at the other comments, the other articles. How many times have you heard "Vita has no games," yet there are more games to play on it than arguably ANY system in gaming history that was the same age.

Similarly, the price went from being amazingly perfect to way too expensive, due in large part to the 3DS dropping its retail price soon after the announcement of the Vita's price. The memory cards share a similar fate: despite LITERALLY every new memory format being expensive at launch, people have decided to take a negative view of the price and purpose of the memory cards; instead of being proprietary to prevent another PSP situation- being hacked within a month, something that has already been prevented- they choose to view it as Sony trying to gouge money out of consumers.

There's a lack of marketing, something which Sony has been somewhat notorious for this generation. As a result, a lot of people don't know much about the Vita, or what it's capable of.

And, of course, there's the overall negative perception of Sony this generation. Contrary to what many would have you believe, Sony has faced an unprecedented level of criticism this gen, definitely above what anyone else has dealt with. It took years for the PS3 to overcome that obstacle; I doubt it'll be easy for the Vita, either.

Honest_gamer3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Well this is my two cents and i doubt anyone on this site will agree with it.

There just isn't enough UNIQUE games, i bought my girlfriend one for her birthday JUST so she could play disgaea 3 as she LOVES that game on the ps3 sure the vita version is allot better than the ps3's with new moves; extra missions all the dlc etc however the point is MOST (note MOST not all) vita games are reshases or atleast that are out right now, theres few new ip's (gravity rush) and a few sequels (uncharted & resistance) other games fifa, wipeout, mortal kombat, virtual tennis, rayman, marvel vs capcom etc.

sure in a year this argument wont be valid however my next point will be.

People in general (not us "hardcore" guys/gals on this site) will look at the vita and see £200 then they can just look to there side and see a 10 inch android tablet for the same price which does more than the vita (and 3ds) and is better value for money (to the regular people) and some will never be like "ummm a 3g vita + memory stick + 2 games or the new iphone/galexy s3" and theres a high chance they will go for the phone, last year i had some money, i had a perfect phone (sony erricson x10) i went into GAME saw the 3ds saw 4/5 games i wanted (resident evil, zelda the usual suspects for a nintendo hand held) i got to the check out he asked for my bank card and i changed my mind last minute went to my local o2 shop and got an iphone and it was the best decision i have made for a hand held device sure it wont have the uncharted's etc however when im sitting on the bus/train heading to uni i will play where's my water, cut the rope, chrono trigger, angry birds, temple run, fragger, third blade, advena, all the zonias, ash 1/2, the sentinal games, infinity blade 1/2 etc point is i have more games on my iphone at the moment that on my ps3, xbox and wii and im not on about small 2 minute games i have 12 rpg's ive spent over 20 hours on and still not finished (thats not including chrono trigger, and all the ff games) basicly i can do everything the vita does AND ALLOT MORE on my smart phone/tablet which costs around about the same price only thing i cant do is play games like uncharted etc however the re playability of games like cut the rope, water etc which get a NEW 20 MAPS EVERY 2 MONTHS FOR FREE make it worth it, i have other reasons however i've typed to much woke the girl friend up with the typing and she aint a happy bunny lol

hope that answers your question oh and Dungeon Hunter Alliance (ps vita, dont know if it's on other things) is an awesome game

another quick reason is the memory cards 32GB is £59.99 on amazon whereas a general 32GB memory card (of the same type) is only £15 on amazon :/ they really screwed us over on that on, honestly when i originaly bought her a memory card i could feel the sony dildo trying to penetrate my rear, good thing i waited and went on amazon when they offerd a free memory card (then the next day they offered a free game DAMMMMMMMMM YOU)

TronEOL3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

For me, I think it may have to do with not too many people having a use for it.

At least for me, when I'm at home, I rarely ever touch my Vita since I have my PS3/PC, but when I'm at work away from home (which is the only way I work) I only have my Vita to play and I'm incredibly happy to play/have it (since I had to lug my PS3 with me before).

And given how the average person isn't exactly in the same position, most people would prefer to bring their much more accessible iPhone or smartphone with them over a PSVita or 3DS.

And the 3DS has the advantage of being a child's toy. So parents would easily buy their son/daughter a 3DS over a PSVita. The 3DS breaks, no big deal since it's so cheap. The Vita? It's basically a gamers iPad.

Anyhow, that's my opinion on it. Mobile gaming seems to be very touchy when you have so many other immediate options. The Vita is well worth it though, and I already have a library of games, I just don't think it's meant for anyone but core gamers. Which there honestly aren't many of them compared to the casual gamers when it comes to mobile gaming.

clrlite3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

It has actually been doing pretty well these last few weeks. The reason it hasn't sold more though has to do (mostly) with advertising/marketing most likely.

BrutallyBlunt3491d ago

"Truth be told, a lot of it has to do with perception. Hell, I'll say all of it. Look at the other comments, the other articles. How many times have you heard "Vita has no games," yet there are more games to play on it than arguably ANY system in gaming history that was the same age. "

Give it a rest Hicken. The industry was dead set againt the Wii when it first came out. It's not about perception, it's about consumers wants and needs.

"Similarly, the price went from being amazingly perfect to way too expensive, due in large part to the 3DS dropping its retail price soon after the announcement of the Vita's price. The memory cards share a similar fate: despite LITERALLY every new memory format being expensive at launch, people have decided to take a negative view of the price and purpose of the memory cards; instead of being proprietary to prevent another PSP situation- being hacked within a month, something that has already been prevented- they choose to view it as Sony trying to gouge money out of consumers."

Still going on about price? Is the Ipad cheap? Sony isn't marketing well, in fact they don't market well. They don't have the must have devices anymore.

"There's a lack of marketing, something which Sony has been somewhat notorious for this generation. As a result, a lot of people don't know much about the Vita, or what it's capable of. "

Finally, some truth. People do know what the Vita is, trouble is the timing isn't right. Not when consumers have so many other options. What does Vita really do that sets itself apart? It needs unique games, not Metal Gear Solid that is also on the Playstation 3 but in better form.

"And, of course, there's the overall negative perception of Sony this generation. Contrary to what many would have you believe, Sony has faced an unprecedented level of criticism this gen, definitely above what anyone else has dealt with. It took years for the PS3 to overcome that obstacle; I doubt it'll be easy for the Vita, either. "

Boo-hoo. The media attacked Nintendo too dumbass. Why is it you Sony fanboys think the world is against Sony so you flood the forums with your nonsense trying to get the record straight? You deranged loyalists are not helping, in fact you're degrading the real Sony community. People who but Vita and Playstation 3's for the most part simply don't act like you. They also know Sony made mistakes this generation and having aplogists like you doesn't help matters. You act like Sony wasn't treated fairly yet you yourself have no qualms at all bashing the competition. Do you want Sony to do better or do you want to continue your focus on making the competition look worse? Seems to me you're far too consumed on the latter.

Vita is a great device RememberThe357, it simply isn't the right thing at the right time. Other issues could stem from lack of marketing, expensive memory cards consumers must buy, a drought in games since launch, hardly any killer titles. I personally think it's time management. People game on their PS3's, XBOX's, PC's and so on. That is where they get the bulk of their real gaming time. When they want portable gaming they either look at Nintendo or smartphones or other poratble devices like tablets. Nintendo continues to offer their key games that work very well on handhelds. Games like Ressiatnce don't. Little Big Planet will but Vita seems to be aimed at a older crowd or a hardcore crowd. Trouble is they play those games at home on consoles and the PC. Vita just doesn't fit as well in todays times.

RememberThe3573490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Thanks for the responses, I'm glad I could spark some actual civil conversation around here.

From reading all these comments, it seems that there are a number of issues with the Vita in it's current form. You guys bring up price, practicality, competition, and advertising. And to me it seems like a perfect storm of mediocrity that has surrounded an otherwise stellar device.

In that I mean this; games that weren't quite as good as people where hoping, a price that was slightly high when it comes down to everything to have to buy, advertising that didn't attract anyone, and the ability to play something cheaper and nearly as fun on the phone that you already have.

It seems to me that Sony has found themselves in a situation where they offered up something the consumer wasn't asking for and now doesn't know what to do with. I don't mean the hardcore gamers here, I mean the average person who wants something cool to play around with. The idea that you would get a tablet instead of a Vita seems reasonable when you really think about it. And I think that has been the issue so far; the Vita has yet to define itself - to show the world that what it does is so much more than anything else that it is worth not only your interest but your money. It needs a killer app, or two, or three, something that the Vita can only do that is so good that it demands attention from everyday entertainment seekers. To this date it hasn't had that yet, and from what I see it wont take off until then.

Again, thanks for all the responses. This got me thinking about the Vita situation differently. Maybe we (me) need to give the platform some time to grow. Let it mature before laying a premature conclusion on it. I doubt the Vita will end up where it started the same way we saw the PS3 transform over the years. So that could be good news for a platform that has been pretty slow out of the gate. But this is a marathon not a sprint.

JellyJelly3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

People have started playing games on their smartphones, and like myself many don't need something like the PS Vita to get some enjoyment out of the bus ride or whatever. The simpler smartphone games are just fine for most people I believe. And you don't have an "extra" item to carry around either. Phone is always in your pocket anyways. Vita isn't.

joeorc3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I think mainly its many factor's:

the Price is just one issue, many do not want to spend $249.00+ the cost for a blank memory card + what ever for a game for a Hand held game system. vs' the cost they pay for a smartphone or a Nintendo 3DS.

Main point is many are waiting for the price to drop. Because many do not see the PSVita as more viable of a Game system over the Nintendo 3DS or the Apple iOS product. If Sony priced it below the other two, maybe.

Even though the PSVita has way better Hardware many just do not think the PSVita is worth it.

Which is quite funny because many would pay more for way less product hardware wise than what's in the PSVita.

I also think its because also down to Sony's being seen as having an anti-consumer attitude that today many gamer's see Sony has. even if that's not completely true at all.

This i think is the main issue's but it's going to take many years for Sony to fix these views about the company, and Sony is not blind. They See that, there is really nothing they can do to fix that than what they have been doing trying to fix their image.

offering free games for playstation Plus+ making the service better, putting more support for their existing products that people buy for a longer stretch of time on the market.

PS3 is a prime example: from when it started to how much software support its getting Now!

aside from all of the negative outlooks on Sony I think Sony has been doing a better job in fixing the negative view about them and putting in more good will to the consumer than many would even give credit for.

Sony's taking the long haul support view of the PS3 and the PSVita. you can buy it now or later or you may not. All Sony can do is try to please the gamer. but you cannot please everyone; all you can do is try!

Veneno3489d ago

Price is definately not the issue. People are buying $400-600 dollar ipads like its nothing. It has to do with the value. What the Vita does best is it is the mobile device that is capable of the highest quality games and online interaction with those games. And the problem with that is that everything else about Vita is mediocre or down right poor in quality.

No I don't have a Vita, but from what I read and hear the functions that work brilliantly on tablets work at a half-assed quality on Vita. Like web-browsing and lack of a good app store. Does Vita even do email?

But one thing is for sure: it's way too soon to call the Vita a failure. It hasn't even been a year. The "killer apps" are still yet to come. I believe Sony is working much harder on Vita then they did on PSP. They are doing the smart thing and trying to appeal more to the Western audience. The Japanese audience will be well taken care of as well. It will take some time to ween them off of PSP but it will happen.

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avengers19783490d ago

I feel great about the future of the vita... I think there holiday bundle will sell well, and the library of games is solid and getting better. With what I've already seen with mine I'm looking forward to what games and other apps... will be in a few months, years, of owner ship.

I did not buy my vita to be a second screen controller for my PS3, but if a dev. wants to make something functional with them both in an awesome game, then cool.

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topekomsi3492d ago

Yup micro managed, just like the ps3. 2015 "year of the vita"

ALLWRONG3492d ago

"No blogs are allowed on N4G." BS 95% of everything on N4G is a blog.

PS-Analog3492d ago

It's not even a blog. We're a small website with 4 writers and a guy that contributes stuff on our site that runs his own blog.

Kantor3491d ago

They still have the PS3 to support. I think PS3-Vita multiplats are the way to go for Sony's first party titles.

Haha1233491d ago

Eww no thanks, would much prefer original titles like Assasins Creed Liberation rather then a port of one....

theDECAY3490d ago

Yes, because we mean Assassin's Creed when we say original Vita games...

Count3490d ago

^That's besides the point

Ps3-Vita multiplatform games might be ideal for the gamer that wants a portable Ps3, but those that bought the Ps Vita for something other than that get shafted by that idea.

extermin8or3491d ago

yes because massive library of games just appears overnight...

darkgod3491d ago

true but i sure u wasent saying that for the 3ds lolol

extermin8or3490d ago

I said nothing about the 3DS not publicly anyway- I did think it was abit stupid that it launched without a mario or a zelda or a metroid etc game day one (the vita did have uncharted so it did have a big exclusive day one) and I didn't buy a 3Ds because I knew I wanted a vita when it came out and couldn't know for certain that I could afford both (damn being a student) plus at $250 the 3Ds wasn't worth the money when likely the ONLY game I'd play on it would be Mario, zelda, metroid and mario kart; plus the 3DS wasn't linked to an already existing online service-PSN infact there was pretty much no news on an intergrated online from Nintendo at it's launch so no your right I didn't say that about the 3DS because it didn't need saying; lots of people did say it but personally I think it had/has bigger issues than that one. (most notably that ironically it's now been selling at record breaking rates-yet as a loss and I don't think I'm the only one that finds that with Nintendo devices and handhelds in particular you don't always need loads of software quite the same way sony or microsoft push it at you to recoup losses they made on hardware ergo the 3DS's library wasn't AS important it just needed the few key games :p