ATI 3870 X2 Benchmarked, Beats 8800 Ultra

First of all, it beats the 8800 Ultra hands down in most of the benchmarks. The 3870 X2 scores more the 8800Ultra in Call of Duty 4 by as much as 30% on a resolution of 1280 x 1024. And by 20% in F.E.A.R. Jump ahead to read more about this card.

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Charmers4662d ago

Oh come on like that is a surprise, the 3870x2 is practically TWO cards welded together. Why not get back to us when you have sized it up against the 9800gx2

Arvynia4662d ago

Actually, the good thing about this for ATI is that the 9800gx2 is only supposed to be 30% faster then the ultra... looks like another equal (or close to equal) card to the 9800gx2

cue kalamos4662d ago

I'm going to guess its better because AMD bought them out

mighty_douche4662d ago

LOL... yeah well done ATI....

basically 2 of your best cards beats nvidia's 2 year old offering! well done!!

VirusE4662d ago

Ohh how the mighty have fallen. I remember just 2 years ago when ATI and AMD ruled the gaming roost. Owning an AMD cpu or an ati gfx card now is a joke.

ReasonMan4662d ago

The key word there is beats. It doesn't matter that it's up against a 2 year old card or that it's a dual core. Up until now nothing has realy beaten out the ultra. What matters is that the 3870 x2 looks like it's going to out preform the Ultra and do it $200 cheaper(if the price sticks) at that. I must have missed the bad part of all this.

mikeslemonade4662d ago

Obsolete already huh? Consoles for the win.

Bubble and Squeek4662d ago

Does the cognitive dissonance hurt much?

VirusE4662d ago

Bubble you shouldn’t assume he even knows what cognitive dissonance is, most people don’t.

Bubble and Squeek4662d ago

Perhaps, but wiki is only a few keystrokes away.

Isn't this democratisation of knowledge dandy :-)

Though considering his tenuous position on this matter, perhaps we should be happy he managed to log in :-)

NvidiaGuy4658d ago

uhhhh, dont make me laugh,, consoles suck, the technology that they use comes from PCs, so IMO PCs will always be the best gaming machines around, and the most versatile to...

todays consoles are just PC wannabes!!!

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BludoTheSmelly4662d ago

multi core gpus is a much better idea than multiple cards in a case

RRoDx3604662d ago

Dogs bark and dolphins swim.

NvidiaGuy4658d ago

i think it would be better to implement the same technology they use on todays CPUs, and instead of having two seperate GPUs on the PCB, put multiple GPUs on the same die, like the dual/quad core CPUs that are on the market just now...

Guwapo774662d ago

About damn time AMD/ATi... Yeah your matched up against and older card. With the card being sold at $449 retail, it just can't be beat when comparing it to a $550+ Ultra card. If this is suggested retail we might be able to pick one up around $400.

I need a full review though from Anandtech before I make my final decision though.

...Now we just need those Phenom chips to pull out a miracle so I can finally upgrade.

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