Ultimate guide to converting HD-DVD/Blu-ray movies to watch on PS3

This video shows you how to convert any movie to watch on your PS3.

Transformers HD-DVD is used in this example.

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TrevorPhillips4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

this is a awesome video guys it will teach you how to watch converted hd-dvd and blu-ray movies on the ps3 enjoy =]

SL1M DADDY4664d ago

Why not just wait until the recent HD-DVD releases come out on BD in the near future? lol

mighty_douche4664d ago


Or pop down your local recycling centre and pick up a HD-DVD player.

liquidsnake4664d ago

hahaha, bubbles for you mighty

aco4664d ago

It is much esier to use GOTSent... Many people convert there HD-movie to mkv... GOTSent convert mkv to mp4 and it takes not longer than 30min or les to do...
link http://sentry23.googlepages...

Know I have Transformers HD saved in My PS3...

richie007bond4664d ago

Its a cool way of watching hd dvd on your ps3 but its just to much fannying about,click this click that, it looks like you would need a degree in computer science just to try and work it out.A easier and much better way is to rip the hd dvd to your pc using anydvd and watch with powerdvd 7,so simple and none of the hassle,thats what i done when i sold my hddvd add on,i have about 4 hddvds riped to my harddrive including transformers....

Makroyale4664d ago

Watch Transformer on their small computer monitor!??!? Some of us have large Plasma and LCD displays as well as expensive sound systems that they bought especially for movies like this.

mikeslemonade4664d ago

Too much of a hassle and who wants to watch Transformers more than once? Don't you have better things to do? N4G trolling for 1 hour>Transformers movie.

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