HD Wii games would be better on Wii U than many current titles says Shin'en dev

Nintendo could re-release the best Wii games on Wii U and they'd still be better than many modern titles. That's the word from Shin'en developer Manfred Linzner who is enjoying working with Nintendo's new console.

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2EHO3865d ago

I've been saying this for about 2 years now. Nintendo 1st and 2nd party devs are the best in the bizz. NOONE gets more out of hardware then they do while utilizing more art than pure polygons. I'm excited to see how insane looking their games are using 2010 tech(Wii U) moving up from 1999 tech (Wii)

FinaLXiii3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Yeah they have true artistic integrity its not by pure coincidence that nintendo games get praised most of the time.

Most devs get too focused on the visuals that keep forgetting what´s really interesting about videogame worlds in the first place.

Apex133865d ago

to expand on that, this is why idiot gamers, developers and prick analyst are crying out for them to go software only. they love their games but not their machine.

Hisiru3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Stupid comment if you ask me. Nintendo wouldn't have the same profit if they go software only and soon they would become the new SEGA, because "software only" would make Nintendo lose their value.

Also, I don't know what youre talking about. I love my 3DS and for me it's bringing MUCH more new games/experience than my Vita (which I also love). Just look at the sales, people clearly want a 3DS as much as you or some dumb analysts don't like it .

I had a lot of fun playing Skyward Sword using the Wii controls (which Nintendo brought to this market using their hardware and then Sony copied it). I am sure I will have a lot of fun playing ZombiU and Rayman Legends thanks to Nintendo's new hardware.

nukeitall3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Nintendo hardware might not be the powerhouse, but they sure have two things. Unique hardware features and sustainable business model.

I'm no fan of Nintendo and at this point increasingly less interested in Wii U, but the most fun and laughter was had while playing on Wii and now it's replacement Kinect.

Graphics is important, but more important is the overall experience! How many games do you play, that part of the gameplay or story is just abysmal, but you keep playing because something else is that good!

It's the total experience that counts in my book!!!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

@ Hisiru & a_adji

I think you both are making the same point.

& A_Aji is making the same point I (and others) have made about Smart Glass.

Some people are good at getting the crowd to laugh at New ideas, but they only do that because they know it is a good idea. >They know that if they de-value the idea then most people won't call them theives when they steal it.

Sony got into gaming while working with Nintendo to make a CD based N64. Nintendo stayed with Cartridges. But Sony continued releasing the PS1.

Before Microsoft started making consoles, Bill Gates tried to buy Nintendo. They wanted Nintendo so badly (Giggidy) that Nintendo had to buy back most of their own stocks, from their shareholders, to prevent a Microsoft hostile takeover. When they could not have Nintendo they bought Rare.

Everyone knows Nintendo is generally great. And the reason they want(ed) them to go software only, is because they want to play their games.

(Some even become secret Pirates. They lead double-lives, they spill Anti-Nintendo-Hate on the N4G 7 Seas but then go down to their cabins and hug-up to their Mario plush dolls).

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stage883865d ago ShowReplies(6)
raytraceme3865d ago

I have been playing HD wii on my PC for over 2 years using dolphin ;) if you have an i5 or above PC or laptop then just connect a wiimote via Bluetooth and enjoy Mario in HD.

StanSmith3865d ago

Out of interest, i'm looking at buying a new pc soon. What sort of GPU would be needed to play wii games on dolphin?

shackdaddy3865d ago

^ You don't need a really nice one to use dolphin. Basically just D3D 9.0/OpenGl 2.1 compatible one. I mean, I would look to a way higher demanding program to base my GPU choice on if I were you...

TBM3865d ago

i grew up with nintendo, and even though i know they make great games they've only have to franchises i actually care about mario, and zelda. fire emblem is another franchise i can grow to love since it was my favorite game on the wii

i only have lukewarm interest in metroid, and starfox. and i have never had any interest in franchises like kirby or KI even going back to the old days.

in the end if i do purchase the wii u it will probably be the least played system out of any i will own. its happened with any one of their consoles since the gamecube, the n64 was the only nintendo system i never owned even though i played mario64 and zelda oot.

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neutralgamer193865d ago

2EHO are u serious? NO oneeeeeeeee gets more out off their hardware then Sony does that is a fact. Spin it the way you want too but Sony first party devs have won more recognition, awards, and so forth then any other first party devs for the awesome games theyve made and the power theyve pulled out of their system. Uncharted 2 alone is better then anything put out in the market in testament to this so plz stop it.

Waiting for stansmith the girl groupie of n4g to come in with his stalker comment lol

omarzy3865d ago

Sony devs have more recognition? Name one Sony dev that has more recognition than Shigeru Miyamato. I really doubt you could do that, and add in the the fact that Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated game this gen. Don't kid yourself.

2EHO3865d ago

Others have already spoken and shut down you insane comment. But seriously your talking ps3 vs Wii. Now that the playing field has been even let's watch and see. When you play and look at games like brawl, the galaxy games, donky kong country returns, and metroid... How good and pleasing to the eye those games look on "1999" tech inside the box. So you are now talking about nintendo entering HD relm with 2010 tech and hardware. Just watch and see. IMO just the Zelda HD demo from E3 2011 shitted on 99% of games this gen for HD consoles and it was a TECH DEMO!

Christopher3865d ago

Just FYI, tech demos tend to show better than actual games because they strip out the majority of the processing and focus on graphics.

I also don't think it 'shitted on' anything done on the PS3 and 360 in the last two years, either.

I agree the Wii U has potential, but let's not go from one extreme (it sucks) to another (it's the best).

N4g_null3864d ago

Cg it had dynamic lighting that ran at 60fps... That is a shit stain most modeling programs don't even have that.

The coveted unreal engine 4 main feature various dynamic lighting with particle effects. All I have to say is they where actually gonna get another eternal darkness made before too human crippled that studio.

Really looking forward to see what they can do graphically now because that Zelda demo was a rush job. Pikman is an up Rez port of a wii idea.

If you have played xenoblade or last story or even galaxy you can see the hardware was holding back those teams. Nintendo does not like to show there hand. Plus hype isn't needed until the games you want are shown. I rather like that approach rather than waiting on stuff.

spec wise the system already out classes last gen and is proper hd. There are games that where not dumbed down for pc and they run just fine on an hd 4000 series card.

I actually think if nintendo showed some thing other than Zelda people would have been more impressed.

JoNaZ_RG3865d ago

But remember they have the power with PS3 and are obviously more capable to develop stuff. On the other hand the Wii is extremely weak, and is admirable to say that Nintendo 1st dev brought good looking graphics out of the outdated hardware. Just saying. Mario Galaxy, and latest Zelda look good for being on the Wii.

ALLWRONG3865d ago

Sony or MS will never have a name as big as Mario, Metroid, or Zelda.

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DivineAssault 3865d ago

Nintendo devs do make some damn fine games (quality wise) w minimal glitches or other tech issues.. Too bad they dont explore other game genres

linkratos3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I know right. Too bad they only stick to Platformers, Action-Adventures, FPSs, RPGs, Real-Time Strategy, On-rail shooters, Horror, Fighters, Racers, Life Simulator, Puzzle, Party, and Action-RPGs.

I can't think of a more diverse dev company than Nintendo.

neutralgamer193865d ago

FinalXiii you must be smoking some good stuff.....

Uncharted 2 alone decimates the competition and has won more awards for its technical feats than any game in historyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! !!!

So your comment has no merit and mine is backed up by millions of gamers and hundreds of professionals that attest to this and hundreds of awards!!!!! Please show me another game that has garnered that many awards for its technical feats? None that is on record try again

Instigator3865d ago

You say FinaLXiii comment has no merit when he merely states his opinion which is shared by many other, while respond with your own opinion shared by many other as the absolute truth.

A game whose main praise comes from technical feats (Uncharted 2) isn't nearly as indicative of quality as a game praised for it's brilliance and fun (Galaxy). Uncharted is an outstanding series, but does anyone with a 'neutral' look on the two think that Uncharted comes out on top in terms of fun?

linkratos3865d ago

Both Mario Galaxies each got more perfect scores than Uncharted 2 (or any of the other Uncharteds, which did almost nothing in that regard)

Salamander3865d ago

Sorry sir, i dont know how to tell you this but you are an idiot. I have read so many of your comments and there all stupid. Your not neutral; your not a gamer and your not 19, more like a very talented 3 year old.

malypso3865d ago

I don't doubt this, Shin'en usually knows how to push Nintendo's hardware and have really made some spectacular games on Nintendo systems. It's too bad that most of their games never sell that well in the US... Nano Assault was a beautiful looking 3DS titles that even looked as good as a current gen space-shooter...

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