Xbox 360 most popular next gen console after TGS

According to 2 Japanese polls, the Xbox 360 is now the most sought after console in all of Japan.

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NextGen24Gamer6419d ago (Edited 6419d ago )

60% aboslutely did not want a ps3 or couldn't afford either version of the ps3. Smart for MS to launch a year ahead. They have some Unbelievable Next gen content coming specifically for the Japanese Market. And that is the way to their hearts. They love their sony and nintendo...but they are gamers too. Many of them waited just to see when all three consoles are on the market which would earn their dollars. Microsoft has to prove themselves to Japanese gamers. And they are doing it by owning TGS this year. Thanks Microsoft. Soon Japanese gamers will be thanking you too. Its over SONY.

Silverwolf6419d ago

MS did have a strong showing in TGS, I hope Japanese gamers see that MS is here to stay. BD and LO are just the begining!

kmis876419d ago

I'll believe it when I see the sales charts for next week.

UrbanJabroni6419d ago

Unfortunately, Microsoft crippled their sales, at least in the short term, with the announced Blue dragon pack-in with the price drop. Since BD is probably one of the most sought after 360 games in Japan, I expect most Japanese gamers to wait until December when the game is finished and included for free.

kmis876419d ago

Alright then, I'll wait until December to see whats up.

zypher6419d ago

while being as uncynical as i possibly can, i simply cannot believe this. while i'm all for the 360 succeeding in Japan (since i actually own one), i simply cannot see it being the preferred system over BOTH the PS3 and the Wii, especially considering that prior to TGS the 360 held about 1% of Japanese interest. i'll have to wait for something a bit more concrete (say from ign.com or gamespot.com) before i can accept this. if true then kudos to Microsoft. but my suspicions are through the roof.

TheSadTruth6419d ago

I don't believe this either I just posted because it was interesting... even though I don't plan on buying a PS3 and currently own a Xbox 360 I feel that PS3 will dominate in sales.. only time will tell I guess

Jakens6419d ago

It's good to see that you are open minded on the topic. I hope MS, and Sony will do well in Japan.