Episodes from Liberty City Review (Goozernation)

Goozernation takes a look back at Episodes from Liberty City. GTA IV was one of those epic games that came out in 2008. GTA IV was a great game but Episodes from Liberty City gave gamers more of what they loved instead of what they disliked. Hands down this is still a great expansion pack and it can be found for less than $20 some places.

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JimmyJames702357d ago

I still havnt played the DLC. Gotta do that.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232357d ago

some of the best DLC you will find.

9/10 is a worthy review.

WeskerChildReborned2357d ago

It's great and i love the story for both.

kube002357d ago

I think you can get it for less that $20 via Amazon

SockeyBoy2357d ago

I bought it today from Ebgames (Australia) for $24. :)

Soldierone2357d ago

Wal-mart has the game plus the DLC(expansion) disc for 20 bucks. it might be on clearance at some stores.

PieMonster2357d ago

I got the PC version about 2 years ago. Love it!