I saw the demo units go down over a dozen times

I got some hands on time with Sega and From Software's Armored Core 4 which made two things very clear: playtesting games without having any idea what the controls are makes for a frustrating experience and that the game likes to lock up the PlayStation 3 a lot.

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NextGen24Gamer5845d ago

When I was standing in line to play it, the one in front of me crashed, but because the booth monitor guy was busy resetting to other one, and the booth babes are about as vacant as the movie Domino, I was instructing the guy how to get back into the game. Then, when I finally got around to playing it, it crashed for me as well. Great looking game, fun to play, but unless they fix the framerate issues (I saw it drop to 2 SPF once)

kmis875845d ago

Where'd you get this from? If the game was crashing repeatedly and had framerate issues, ever think it might be unfinished or poor coding?

HyperBear5845d ago

I mean, esp. for me cause i am broke after buying that tv, and i dont want to go and buy another one just for 1080p. Although i may, but still. but i like my Samsung tv, cause thats the tv that M$ used for their kiosks for demoing of games was Samsun LCD. And i love it, and id hate to get rid of it because ym PS3 only outputs 1080p, and my tv only outputs 1080i, so cmon Sony. Just leave 1080p for movies, but not games. Dont make me go to 1080p. Please. I NEED HELP.

specialguest5845d ago

please don't steal other peoples quote and use it as though it was yours. you're not Denki from ok.

what happened to this quote if you are Denki from "Actually, it has been rumoured to have been canceled on the 360, and the FS website only gives details for the PS3 version."

TheMART5844d ago

They won't go to 1080p. See all the launch games: 720p

For real. Maybe a few titles that are not that massive and difficult to cope with for the hardware will be in 1080p. But that will only be a few. 720p is standard and will be.

It's just like the original XBOX. Did you know that could output 720p and 1080i also? Most of the games were in 480p ofcourse, being the standard then. But I had some in 720p. Mostly not the most anticipated, most hardware draining games.

Expect the same this gen: just the more easy games could be 1080p but no need to get a 1080p TV for, for sure

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DEIx15x85845d ago

If they are launching in two months and starting production in less than one month why are they still not playing on real systems? This makes no sense and the code thing doesn't work since the 360 had basically the same setup at E3 05 with a fake system on top of a G5 and we never heard of any of these issues. At TGS05 they had playable REAL 360's and still didn't have any problems. So why is Sony still not using real ones and having so many issues so close to launch? Could they be rushing and unprepared?

jiggajayp5845d ago

No bashing towards ps3 fans but I told you that this was going to happen! What makes you think that the XBOX 360 can have some issues with mostly proven hardware and the ps3 won`t have problems with un-proven hardware? Now, just as I said before, there`s only gonna be 500,000 launch ps3`s for north america! Now out of that, how many do you think is going to be defective? I would say about 50,000 to 100,000! i mean come on, look at the ps3`s at TGS and the dev kits at E3 06! Now, having said that, Microsoft didn`t have all of these overheating systems before at E3 "OR" TGS before launch! The XBOX 360 isn`t the only console being rushed to launch either! The ps3 isn`t ready to launch just as the XBOX 360 wasn`t ready back in November 2005! Sony is having so many problems because of them trying sooooo many new technologies like the cell and blu-ray! When the 360 launched, we were still new to dual-core cpu technology and the XBOX 360 has a 3 core cpu that`s 64 bit with dual threads per core(Hyper threading Technology) which is equal to having six cpu`s, 3 physical and 3 simulated! Now what did you all think was gonna happen with un-proven tech? I`m not surprised by this "NOR" am I gonna bash the ps3 for this cause it`s natural for this to happen! But you ps3 fans have admit that when it happened to the 360, you all were on our @$$e$$ about it and that`s why we sometimes come back at you all the same way you did us! I don`t dislike DJ, Kingboy, liquidfiedart or any of you because it`s simply not that serious and it`s all in fun because it`s only games and there`s a lot MORE to life than that right? I come here to have fun and gossip! BUT,,, don`t get it twisted,,, I do dislike sony for all the ps2`s that broke and all the lies that they tell us and still to this day try to tell us the inteligent gamer! If there`s no M$, Nintendo or sony, we aren`t gonna have the GOOD games that we have now! It will be like EA giving us a Madden 2007 which thaey should have given us in 2006! And we have 3 more years to go with only one NFL football game around! Peace out y`all Jigga!

TheMART5844d ago

Well said, right on.

Agreed to all the things you said including my PS2 catching dust with a broken DVD player in the closet.

Ah well I guess the die hards will always still get a console no matter what. But it's the mass that makes the difference. And they won't buy a console that is 33% more expensive then the competition, lacks HDMI/Component cables +50 dollar and has games that cost 75 to 85 dollars, which is about roughly 50% more expensive then the competition has in games.

All that added on the problems and negative news. The mass is done with Sony, the die hards will keep believing

TheMART5844d ago

Why isn't lametime here posting? Is it Snaky that is lametime/ssj?

Man I heard you saying a certain console burned your house down, now what was it again? PS3???

super bill5844d ago

i told you the ps3 is crap.what a waste of money.

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