Alan Wake DX10 Support Uncertain?

According to an interview at DX10 support in Alan Wake is still uncertain. On the bright side, if you have a quad-core CPU, you'll be enjoying a 30% or so performance increase. I think they must have misunderstood Markus Maki's answers though, as according to him DX10 support just hasn't been announced. The game, however, is Vista exclusive so you do the math.

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mighty_douche4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Of course, the 360 supports Dx10 right? i seem to hear people claiming it anyway.

Mr Marbles4659d ago

360 supports what many refer to as DX9.5. It has many features availible in DX10 but does not meat all the official specs to carry the title. Like the early 802.11n routers. Just as fast just as good just missing a few final specs.

Marceles4659d ago

“Xbox360 cannot run DX10,” said an ATI spokesperson. “The Xbox360 has unique features including memory export that can enable DX10-class functionality such as stream-out. From what we’re hearing, Crysis will support DX9 with some sort of use for DX10 features. It’s likely that those DX10 visuals can be replicated on the Xbox360, but it can’t be properly called DX10.”

I guess Marbles was right

Silver Bull3t4659d ago

Pull your head out of your butt. Your only here to kick up static. I'd love to see a link to ANY thread with people claiming 360 supports DX10. Are you able to link to your ass?

You are the Zhuk of the PStards. Believe it.

mistertwoturbo4659d ago

wait, this game is coming out on PC too? here this whole time i thought it was only for the 360. microsoft, you idiots need to release true 360 exclusives, not 360/PC.

neeharb4659d ago

Microsoft does need to make/buy/steal games just for the Xbox 360 exclusively ...because only when people wont be able to play games on their pc's they might be tempted to buy an Xbox 360...I don't think many Ps3 games are on the pc ...they wont be...i know some if not many games last gen xbox/ps2 did eventually come on the pc but unless Xbox 360 has a good deal of amazing exclusive games and by exclusive i mean only on xbox 360...people wont buy it!! simple

Mr Marbles4659d ago

could care less which you buy, PC or 360 it is all good for them, they get a cutt of the cash from every game sold on games for windows, many folks fail to realize that Games for Windows is to MS what PS2 is to Sony, another source of income.

deadpreacher4659d ago

Why? PC is also MS gaming income. PC and the x360 go hand in hand when it comes to MS. Your a idiot if you think MS needs to release just on the x360 when PC is there home court!

Silver Bull3t4659d ago

That's why I'm building a new gaming rig next round.

i Shank u4659d ago

how exclusive means something to people. does it make you feel like you're in some cool club, if a game's exclusive to 360 or PS3? as long as the game's great, shouldn't a gamer careless what platform its on?

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Avto4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

this game was never DX10 cuz Xenos being DX9(+). As for Vista exclusive, this is fairly easy to fix, patch, crack.

pornflakes4659d ago

OH MY GOD.. this game was always stated as 360/ Vista exklusive.. ALWAYS. Are you retarded or something?

You guys also need true PS3 exklusives i mean you get all te ps3 games (names) also on the stupid psp, thats so sad.

Please switch on ya stupid brain and think about it.. xbox360 + PC (Windows) = MS.. same like PS3 + PSP = SONY...

How stupid can ppl be.. OMG!!

InMyOpinion4659d ago

It doesn't affect the game, now does it? They just look for stuff to complain on. Jealousy I guess.

Sez 4659d ago

don't mind sonyfanboys. they are mad that they have to pay more money upgrading their pc's just to play it. costing way more than just owning a 360. just to play 360/pc exclusives. all this tells me about people talking about 360/pc exclusive means that the ps3 exclusives may not be as interesting as fangirl think.

TrevorPhillips4659d ago

this game will look good on all console i mean they've been working on this game since ages so yeah it will be a good thriller game =]

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