Ninja Gaiden II Probably NOT Coming to PS3… Or Is It?

Ripten writes:

While it's entirely possible that EGM knows something we don't and inadvertently let the ninja out of the bag, I dismiss this idea for one main reason: Microsoft is publishing the game. Unless Tecmo and Team Ninja decided to let Sony or someone else (maybe themselves) publish Ninja Gaiden II for the PS3, I doubt the game is coming to the PS3 by way of Microsoft.

Then again, maybe EGM does know something, but they aren't allowed to say, in which case they "accidentally" listed the game for both consoles. Again, I find this very hard to believe. They would all be killed!

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Mikelarry4658d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

not even in your nightmares will this come tru. ms has that game under lock and key. ps3 owners like myslef can enjoy metal gear while oo w8 360 owners like myself can also enjoy ninja gaiden 2 ahhh the sweet life

Edit those who disagree are just hating no need to hate my fellow gamers i am one of you which ever console you support

The Wood4658d ago

im not so lucky though *sigh*

hades074658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

I only got my 360 back in aug. 2007 and have a collection of over 20 360 games, with a few yet to be even opened thanks to COD4 online, that I have to get through before I get a ps3. But when I do bring on the Final Fantasies (MGS4 just doesn't do it for me).

Also, I do not see Ninja Gaiden 2 coming to the PS3. Why? Because MS are publishing the game and paid for the game to be made. You have as much chance at seeing the first Gears of War showing up on the PS3.

ukilnme4658d ago

I am with you on that Mikelarry. Exclusive or multiplatform, I won't miss this one either way.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

solidt124657d ago

Maybe EGM does know something we don't because so far they have been silent about the whole thing and haven't said it was a mistake. I think it could be true or they are waiting til next month edition to put it in there Q, A section to make you buy the magazine.

mikeslemonade4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Whoever made this typo should have his position reviewed because this is an anticipated game. Ninja Gaiden 2 is overated anyway. I laugh and pity at xbox fans that claim that this exclusive will be great. It's going to get 9s based on Ninja Gaiden fanboy reviewers like James Milke and Ryan Odonnel. Shane B. has it right on the last 1up yours saying DMC4 beats NG2 in every way. And i'm not just saying this because NG2 is exclusive to the 360. In fact I will admit that Halo 3 and Bioshock are like the top 3 games of 2007, but NG2 will under deliver. I was down on DMC4 but it has met expectations of what an action slasher should be. As far as i'm concerned 360 can keep this exclusive because this game at most would be a rent for me.

edit: I just realized since 1up and EGM have the biggest Ninja Gaiden fanboys and they are really close to Itagaki they may have know something we don't. I mean it can go both ways. I see both sides that it could be a PS3 game or it could be a typo. I'm saying it's 70% chance it's a typo and 30% it's coming to the PS3.

ukilnme4657d ago

@ mikeslemonade

Isn't Shane B a Sony Fanboy? Not surprising to hear those comments about NG2 from him. It's too bad that these guys seem incapable of being fair and objective.

MikeGdaGod4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

i still got NG: Sigma in plastic, just haven't had time to play it with everything else i got.

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mighty_douche4658d ago

just look at the headline.... someone want hits?

let wait till we get confirmation, not just post more rumour/speculation that achieves nothing more than ignite another flame war.

blacsheep4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

bro i agree,this is a useles flame bait.we need peace and tranquility on N4G, and anyway who really cares about ninja gaiden in retrospect to the amount of better exclusives thats coming to ps3 this year?

Twizlex4658d ago

How is this flamebait? The article suggests that the rumor going around about Ninja Gaiden II coming to PS3 is all based on a simple typo. Nobody anywhere ever really thought that Ninja Gaiden II was coming to PS3 until EGM made this mistake. I don't see how after reading an article saying it is coming and then another saying it's probably not coming, it all of the sudden becomes flamebait. They're simply trying to squash the rumor before fanboys get all worked up.

blacsheep4658d ago

how is this flame bait?

read the earlier article regarding this matter,see how people are getting worked up and dissing each other then you'l recognise flamebait.peace

Twizlex4657d ago

I see how the other one would be flame bait, but I don't see how this one is.

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Rybnik4658d ago

EGM can be really sloppy sometimes..I imagine this is whats going on. It's just a typo.

Bathyj4658d ago

I dont even care. Or do I?

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