3DS XL screens sport drastically improved viewing angles

Here's something Nintendo never told us: 3DS XL screens sport drastically improved viewing angles.

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GuruStarr783450d ago

I really, really want one of these, but I'm not thrilled with the color choices... sissy blue and red? c'mon Nintendo, give us black or silver... or something that doesn't make it look like a childs toy...

I suppose I could buy a skin for it, but really, I hate how Nintendo always screws the US over in the choices of colors for their systems.... another big issue is with the Wii U, they're saying it might only launch in White.... again, if there is no Black Wii U, count me out..

I hate sounding like a whiner, but really, it's simple to please customers.. Nintendo always seems to go OUT of their way to piss us off.

LiamIRL823450d ago

I have to say the blue looks really nice. The silver however is a bit bleh

GrumpyOldGamer3450d ago

I like the blue, I would love a white one but it seems only Japan will get that for now.

Morpheus-13450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

People haven't learned yet that Nintendo often make shoddy systems or devices at launch then release an updated version soon after. The new 3ds xl will be better than the smaller one but I can almost guarantee that they'll have another version with dual circle pads later on. I literally will stay from Nintendo products because they don't know what they're doing.

The screen quality on the 3ds is crap and now I'm reading that the screens viewing angle is better on 3ds xl.

I know ill hear from the apologists and spinners with their disagrees or rubbish. Why couldn't they have made a proper 3ds with a screen that you can see when you're outside with better cameras proper circle pads and quality overall? The screen on the 3ds is crap

Keep your krap Nintendo

omarzy3450d ago

Nintendo is not the only one who does that. 2005-2009, we got 4 different psp systems, but why mention that when you can just say Nintendo did it alone right?

jayzablade3450d ago

yeah your right, Nintendo don't have a fuckin clue!!
The Wii sold over 90mil, the 3DS around 18mil the DS over 150mil their games win numerous awards and are often featured in the top 5 greatest of all time lists....i'd go back to the drawing board if i were them coz by those stats alone they're in MAJOR trouble!!

browngamer413450d ago

Wow..every comment I see from you is always filled with nothing but Nintendo you work for Sony?

Morpheus-13450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

You disagreers are correct, the nintendo consoles that were successful is an indication that Nintendo will forever do the correct thing for gamers benefit.

3ds launched with little launch titles at a high price point which the system wasn't worth to be bought at. The systems screen and 3d tech are rubbish. The screen is way below the ps vita, the touch screen uses resistive touch tech. The 3d isn't comparable to proper 3d that the ps3 is capable of on a 3d teli.The 3ds has only one circle pad which is slippery after a minute of use. The system had a price drop four months after release 1/3 of original price.

The system has been out for a year and a half and it doesn't have enough games. Nintendo will be making a xl version which will be the better version a little over a year after initial release. Fanboys can tout sales because it benefits them so much that they are millionaires because of Nintendo in their minds. People are quick to call me a Sony fanboy because I speak the truth.

It gives me great pleasure that the Wii u is what it is,lol. I remember fanboys screaming about how the system is 6 times the power of a Xbox 360 and now we know its as powerful as a ps vita. Continue denying facts people, because sales are better than quantity of quality products

browngamer413449d ago powerful as a Vita huh? Now I know even a Sony drone such as yourself had to have had a hard time typing that complete B.S.

Salamander3449d ago

Ahh Mr.Morpheus i wonder which pill you chose.. hmm probably the acid.

schlanz3449d ago

you can question the quality or power of nintendo systems but not the quality of their games.

I will buy every Nintendo system they release (not every iteration of it) simply because they make fantastic games that can't be played elsewhere.

If you are buying systems just to jack off to specs then you obviously need a new hobby.

nintendojunkie283449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

"I literally will stay from Nintendo products because they don't know what they're doing"

Yeah..sure,nintendo doesn't know what they're doing.They've only been around since the 19th century!

...Dumbass SonyDroid

Edit:I just realized this guy has another handle on n4g by the name of Trinity_;he's a major sony troll.Just ignore him from now on and bubble him down or mark his comments as spam.

born2live3449d ago

Hey Morpheus! Just wondering... if the Vita is THAT much better than the 3ds, how come it doesn't sell?

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Trunkz Jr3449d ago

Because of the surface, it won't be hard at all to get a 3DS skin, problem solved.

LiamIRL823450d ago

Good news. This thing is becoming a more attractive purchase by the day

Blastoise3450d ago

Meh, still not sold on this...I'll stick with my original

Bimkoblerutso3450d ago

They should have told us that from the get-go. That's a pretty big issue with the original models. I'll definitely be trading up now.

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