"Xbox 360 - my first choice console this gen"

RPGSite's Alex lays down his reasons about why his Xbox 360 will be the console he puts to most use this generation.

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NextGen24Gamer5844d ago

Many of my friends feel the exact same way. You have many Sony fans that absolutely refuse to "Jump In". To them its reallys some sort of War. ha ha ha ha....But the truth of the Matter is...the 360 offers and outstanding game console for the next gen....With the inclusion of 1080p and HD dvd just confirms what we already knew. Microsoft is dead set on providing "ALL" gamers with what they want. But the thing is, Sony and Nintendo fans by the day jump in to see what all the hype is about. And thats all that matters. Dreamcast didn't have the money or the support to take advantage of the extra time it had on the market. Microsoft is capatalizing on it and gaining new gamers by the day. 24 million xbox owners will get a 360. Some will wait for the price to hit 199. But 100 million gamers will not get the ps3 at over half a grand with the main thing it touts is 1080p....which if you want to truly enjoy, you need an hdmi cable and a 1080p tv. Otherwise, go with the console that targets what you own. 720p and 1080i tvs are much much more affordable than 1080p tvs. you can get Samsung 720p and 1080i lcd's 24 inch tvs for just over 400 dollars.

Islandkiwi5844d ago

It's odd how much the creation of achievements and the social aspects of Live have grown that sense of community. With the Xbox, Live was something used for Halo least, for me it was. Now there's card games, rts games, Saints Row, classic arcade...and it's all playable with actual people, voices on the other side.

Sometimes annoying, sometimes rude, but mostly I meet pretty nice people. And that nice sense of community goes a long way towards making me prefer the 360 over other consoles.

Solid Snake5844d ago

Look at it from this angle the average gamer who bought the PS2, it's the PS2 man i gotta have one of those, without any questions, MS xbox didin't even get a say, same thing will happen this time, i alrerady hear like 20 people ask when is the PS3 comming out, not a say about the already near 1 year old xbox 360, that's because they don't want it, they want a PS3, do you people understand that!

Marriot VP5844d ago

I know...all those normal gamers who bought the PS2 at 150-200 bucks. Also didn't buy a 600-1000 dollar HDTV. Also the PS2 wasn't 500-600 bucks.

Yes next gen is coming, a year late. Normal gamers DO NOT buy 400 dollar consoles. 360 or PS3

Islandkiwi5844d ago

Really, thanks for letting me know my personal opinion is wrong. Or that the guy who wrote his opinion is wrong.

It's an opinion piece, Snake. You really should have read it.

NextGen24Gamer5844d ago

First console to hit 199 will win in console sales. Who will win with actual next gen games? Thats to be seen. Devs make great games...not systems....both systems are lets see what devs can do with them...So far I give MS Two thumbs way up....

eques judicii5844d ago

I'd love to agree with you, but remember that the gamecube launched at $199 and was not the successful one... just thought I'd point that out. The most successful console is the one with the best exclusives/third party support

NextGen24Gamer5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Everyone knew you had to buy the ps2 or the xbox last gen....It would be the same thing this time around....but....Sony is priced 200 dollars more than the 360. So, with gamers not seeing the justification in the 200 dollar price hike....they will go with the system that hits their budget range first. Both systems will have most of the same 3rd party games. And with the 360 having a 10 million to 1 lead over the ps3...they will also have more games available. SO it will look much more attractive to the average gamer....I ain't been wrong yet. And its because I use common sense. Not fanboyism like many of the sony fan boys do. Nintendo is putting out a system at 250 that is just a tad better than the gamecube was. Its overpriced if you ask me. 150 would have been more appropriate for what you are getting. Motion sensing controllers have been done before. Sure it will be cute...but I know it will die down just like the console will. Its really between xbox 360 and the ps3 for next gen supremacy. And the first of those two to hit 199 will win out with sales.

What sytem has 1080p games really mean zero to most consumers. And what system plays blu ray movies out the box means zero to most consumers. Its all about the games that they want to play. And right now...Gamers want Gears of War, Dead Rising, Saints row, Madden 2007 and Nba live /Nba 2k7.....Thats what gamers want...Next gen games. an affordable price. And gamers want online gameplay. Sony is having major issues with its online games. Games are dropping online support for the ps3. Its clear who has the advantage this time around. Sony fans won't realize it for a while. But sony will never come within 10 million sales to the 360 through the life of both consoles.

TheMART5844d ago

Agree for the most you're saying.

1080p is only something that fanboys used to talk about as a statement to give the 33% overpriced PS3 the props to buy it. It had something extra. Now it hasn't anymore.

To normal consumers, 1080p means sh!t. Just that. Most of them even don't know their TV's resolution. They just want pretty images and footage. That's it.

But I like how MS did the update thing with 1080p just for the record. ANother time: I don't need it and don't care. 99% of all people won't care. They won't have a 1080p TV the coming 5 years for sure.

But well. That's also why I think Wii won't fail. Although the deal isn't that good at 250 Euro's/dollars. You'll get a supercharged gamecube but the controllers are nice.

In Japan it will sell like hot cakes. It'll outsell the PS3 mark my words. Even in the rest of the world, especially by parents not being able to pay big bucks want a nice Christmas present for their childeren up to 15 years of age (yeah indeed). And remember 250 dollars is still a huge amount for people that have their mortgage, other structural payments like cars, loans, childeren, things that can break down. Don't forget: USA is the country with the largests mortgage problem people spending on loans, even the government has a structural financing problem. If Asia/rest of the world pulls the plug with financing the states... Were would they actually be?

Even overhere in The Netherlands people are using the money in real estate value to spend. It's a wrong way to go. So people actually have less to spend then everyone thinks. Except those few fanboys that live at home with mom and dad and have their complete income to spend on it. To them 1.000 dollars = 1.000 dollars free to spend and not to think about other costs.

So, the Wii will sell big time.
For next gen gaming the 360 will sell big time.
For fanboys the PS3 will sell out.

But after that?

Wii will sell still, even to next gen owners just because the price dropped to 199 or 170 euro/dollar.

The 360 will sell big time because prices can drop by production process, the great graphics and XBL: just what next gen gaming is.

PS3 will struggle to keep up, prices can't go down because the production process can't be optimalized yet. The Live service won't equal XBL from start and they need to invest heavily to keep up or surpass. People will notice these things.

Main thing for Wii is: getting enough 3rd party support not only Mario/Zelda and so on.

TGS should be the thing for PS3. Again it wasn't. 360 comes out on top. And now X06 is on this week. This is an unstopable thing. It runs like a fast train and it's on track!

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