Forza 2 Hands On

Another knock against the wall took the rear bumper clean off and damaged car parts that stayed on the course until the end of the race. When you completely total your ride it's possible to take pictures of the wreck and post them on to be shared with the online world.

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NextGen24Gamer5844d ago

Be the game to beat. It beat out the last game in the GT series according to over 114 reviews by every gaming site on the planet...and it will continue the tradition with Forza 2. GT3 was the last great sim in the GT series. GT4 was a major let down from previous game. Not this case with Forza. Forza 2 will once again blow away any racing sim that Sony can dish out. I don't think 1080p is relevant for millions of gamers...but MS needs a couple games just to let gamers know that no gaming console can compete with the 360 from any standpoint. Online/graphics/gameplay/origi nality....

Islandkiwi5844d ago

Good that there will be a steering wheel available too. I loved Forza, after playing it I couldn't go back to Gran Turismo. This is a game I'm totally willing to wait for. Take your time, do it right MS.

eques judicii5844d ago

I already tried posting this article, but they denied me... odd

TheMART5844d ago

And before Sony fanboys come crying about GT5 and that GT4 won't compete with Forza 2.

Bullsh!t I say.

GT4 HD will be in the same timeframe as Forza 2 is. Thus competing. Maybe not in the eyes of SOny marketing. But in the eyes of consumers it will.

GT5 will be launched spring 2008. Forza 3 will be here then also. Forza 1st gen equaled if not surpassed the 4th gen of GT. That's all that needs to be said. Forza 2 will take a quantum leap, if Forza 1 already was on level with GT4, a smugged up PS2 version will not be able to stand against next gen Forza 2. Period.

Get done and over with it