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Iron Man 24665d ago

Not surprised,COD4 is the better game overall

toughNAME4665d ago

but I'm not going into a rant about it

wait until N4G comes out of the beta, then read my COD4 UR

Iron Man 24665d ago

No,speak up now,*waits*well?

COD4 has better graphics,gameplay,online and the campaing is WAY better than Halo 3's campaing,I feel sorry for everyone who is still playing Halo 3 over COD4,I really do

toughNAME4665d ago

I give it a week...maybe 2 before ppl get bored of COD4

I also find it odd that you have such an interest in what 360 games are played over LIVE?

joydestroy4665d ago

i agree with Kermit, and so do XBL members apparently.

i'm not a fan of Halo. i give it respect, but CoD4 owns right now. hands down. i mean sure you can go frag some master chief look-alikes, but in CoD4 you rank up and unlock stuff. it's like a drug, you can't get enough.

i saw this coming. i knew it'd overtake Halo 3 eventually.

Blackfrican4665d ago

COD4 : Halo3 :: Checkers : Chess

Cod4 is really fun. Halo is really fun. COD4 online is, although similar in theory, completely different than halo. The reason COD4 is very popular is because it is easier to pick up and play a few games. A good team, although helpful, is not necessary to win most gametypes. In halo, playing competitively requires a good team to compete and I am not talking p ussy MLG(wah battle wiffle wah).

And yes, those aliens are unrealistic looking in halo.

games4fun4665d ago

yea finally! maybe people will stop caring about halo all together and forget about i hope gears passes it next

GITPWNED4665d ago

I'm a halo nut. Just look at my gamertag. But COD4 is better.

okcomputer4665d ago

Agreed, I own both games and cod4 is better than halo in almost every possible way. The weapons are better, the graphics are better, the gameplay is better and the character customization take it to a whole other level. The cod4 single player is also way better too.

gamerriffic4665d ago

i played halo 3 thinking it was the best thing ever at least 2 weeks after call of duty 4 came out. call of duty's single player is intense and completely immersive from start to finish, it completely smashes halo 3's with quality over quantity. then the multiplayer.. while not as "deep" as halo 3.. due to the weapons, being all realistic.. you can't expect a big difference between weapons. however, call of duty 4 is the most rewarding online experience i've ever had. halo 3 "ouu i got armor" thats about it. ranks dont mean anything in halo 3, or call of duty 4, they just show who played more. making call of duty's UAV, airstrikes, and helicopter support feel infinitely more rewarding than any other shooter.

skitzoid4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Halo 3 sold more.
COD4 is played more.

As far as some saying it won't last I think it's the exact opposite. I think more and more people are leaving Halo 3 and going to COD4. I see tons of players with barely any rank on COD4 every time I play it.

Bubble Buddy4665d ago

It deserves it ! Infinity Ward has my respect.

gamesR4fun4665d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

ya has far has gameplay and graphics COD4 wins hands down tho h3 is fun too. Nice to see so many live users making the move.

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snoopgg4665d ago

Call of Duty 4 is the better game. Better graphics, better single player mode, more polished gameplay, better level up system. Man Call of Duty 4 is better in everyway possible.

Genuine4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

I can't jump into a tank in COD4. I can't jump into an aerial vehicle then strafe players on the ground and dogfight other players in the air. I can't pick up the flag carrier on a 4-wheeler. And I can't jump in a turret mounted ATV with 2 of my friends. COD4 is a great game, no doubt. But it isn't better than Halo 3 in every way possible.

@the guy below me vvvv
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gamesR4fun4665d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

reported as stupid fanboi spam

funny thing is I think most of us would agree with what your saying if you weren't such a jackass... still 14 disagrees so far speaks volumes about how tired people are of your brand of pro 360 anti sony BS.

lol geniuass's pm's are even more eloquent than his posts

42 minutes ago | By: Genuine
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lol hugs n kisses to you too (but some flowers now and then would be nice)

Genuine4664d ago

Lol, yeah I've accrued quiet a fanbase with the sony nazi's on this site. What's funny is I don't go into news exclusive to the ps3. I got my fanbase from sony fanboys trolling 360 news. Just take you for example.

Kleptic4664d ago

Genuine...regardless of where you think you got your 'fanbase', its generally from making idiotic statements...not because sony nazi's trolled 360 news...

and PS3 people posting in here are hardly trolling...its a big CoD 4 headline on the front page...a multiplatform game is being played more than the biggest exclusive the 360 ever had and ever will get...that is significant to everyone...

I am wondering where this ranks on the PSN also...Warhawk saw a huge increase with the expansion pack...while CoD 4 has the largest number in the leaderboards (so more people have played it I guess), but that doesn't show active users...Warhawk still has tons of servers going who knows...

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mighty_douche4665d ago

Well all my 360 owning friends havent played Halo since CoD4's release and i imagine its the case for many others.

COD4>>>>>>H alo3, all day, everyday!

happyskills4665d ago

Not the case with me, some of my friends have played COD 4 but they are on Halo 3 like 90% of the time.

joydestroy4665d ago

i don't even own Halo 3. probably never will.

Martini4665d ago

You should check it out if you never play it you are missing out on something special. Pick it up used or rent it :) BTW COD4>HALO3

FirstknighT4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Halo 3 is to hard for alot of people. It's definitely for the hardcore FPS. Not for everyone. COD4 is a fantastic game but way to easy to rack up the kills. Especially with a few perks on. Plus their is to much camping in COD4.

Halo 3 is all about skill and teamwork. COD4 is more about luck.

Edit below*

I'm talking multiplayer. Getting a high rank in Halo 3 is extremely hard. Getting a high rank is COD4 is not. And I'm not going to take you seriously since you mentioned Resistance...that game is a noobish fragfest.

And reply to almost all my comments but I put you on ignore some time in November. So please stop idiot!

LeonSKennedy4Life4665d ago

Skill and teamwork?

Is this guy serious?

Halo 3 hard? Are you serious about that too?

Dude, I can name about 40 other shooters that are harder than Halo. RFOM, HL2, Crysis, Bioshock, Farcry, Painkiller, Prey, and a bunch of others...

Halo 3 was not hard AT ALL!

Cbizzle4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

But hey you know the saying goes...

People who suck at Halo, Play COD4!

mighty_douche4665d ago

please explain how you know who has/hasnt played halo?

oh yeah, i forgot, because i own a PS3 that means i NEVER EVER play on the 360 right? even though theres 2 in my house!

P4KY B4665d ago

COD4 players are more mature and understand about teamwork, resulting in some great MP battles.

Less than 3% of Halo3 plyers have completed the game 100% If it was easy that % would be higher.

Blackfrican4665d ago

5. Correct
5.1 lol i can pwn computers!!!
5.2 90% correct
5.3 I don't think i want you on halo.
5.4 HALO = TEAMWORK COD4 = 1v1^8 (race to get the kills)

Killjoy30004665d ago

so jumping around and using the rocket launcher is skilled?how about an auto lockon energy sword? hell theres more mellieng in that game than shooting.

i Shank u4665d ago

i like COD4 more then halo3, but needed a break so i popped in halo the other day. and man, if 1 person on your team quits, and its a good 4v4 match, you're royally fvcked. or, if your team splits up, doesnt work together, you are also fvcked. in COD4, you can be more of a one-man army if you're a balla. but its pretty true; more halo games are won with good teamwork then COD4

n00dl3s4665d ago

right.. halo 3 does not require skill. Counter Strike, TF2, Battlefield 2142, Rainbow Six, .... THOSE require skill. Anyone who was a fan of first person shooters before gaylo came out, or has put enough time into other shooters, knows that halo requires little skill and is a mediocre shooter.

Bubble Buddy4665d ago

You know what game takes skill? Silver Surfer for NES. You got to be hardcore to beat that sh!t

Kleptic4664d ago

the halo series has always been a slow paced, yet still unrealistic, shooter...I have always felt shooters like that require more luck than skill...You can have the upper hand and get a good jump on someone, yet they can still rattle off shots or have a lucky grenade toss to take you out first...

the only thing I notice is that CoD 4 has a far greater distribution of will run into guys that regularly get 25 kills and 5 deaths in a free for all...and right there with them are people right around 5 kills and 25 deaths...seeing, and correctly aiming, is absolutely everything in CoD get the jump on a guy you will always take him out first...once you get good at getting that first shot zero'd in, all of a sudden you feel can run up 15 kill streaks regularly with no problem...

and you can stay consistant at that...but then you come across a guy that is only slightly quicker than you...and all of a sudden you get killed every single time...its not a game where you trade kills a lot...if you are faster than the people in that room, you get first place...if you don't, you usually are much lower in the ranks than what you "feel" is good...

I don't think that makes it an easy game...just the opposite in fact...Christmas day was hilarious with guys popping it in for the first time...

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