The Great Patapon Rip-Off

Gameplayer are reporting on a great disparity in the cost of upcoming PSP game Patapon - from the mad geniuses behing LocoRoco - between territories, in particular Australia and the USA.

"This is extraordinary. It's doubly disappointing, given that the game is looking so good."

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Tarmgar4659d ago

Ouch. Sucks to live down under. Maybe they had to make it cost that much because of the gaming laws are more strict? I don't know, or you can just move to America and help us take down the only person that's against video games in America, Jack Thompson.

felman874659d ago

Yet another reason not to live in Australia

mistertwoturbo4659d ago

Uhh... aren't things in australia expensive in general? PS3 here is $399, but isn't the PS3 in australia like 599Au or something like that?

Zatoichi4659d ago

What's the big deal? On in the UK the RRP is listed as £29.99 which is 67.17AuD or 58.50 USD. This happens to the UK all the time.
BTW, a $399 Playstation 3 will cost you £399 over here or $780 USD. Our PS3 games are generally priced at £50-60 (97-117 USD or 112-134AUD). Who's getting ripped off now?

Dudeson424659d ago

I think you guys are forgetting, they have Kangaroos in Australia. I live in the U.S. and I have never seen a kangaroo in the wild in my life. If you ask me, WE'RE the ones that are getting ripped off... =)

Skerj4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Thanks man you've given me an idea. I'm going to travel the world capturing animals, and then letting them breed in the wild in different territories so people all over the world can experience the awesome of them!!

Note: Not liable for screwing up your area's ecosystem.

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