Rumor: Wal-Mart wii-ly concerned for the children

Wal-Mart's electronics department layout does not have an allotment of space to demo the Nintendo Wii for the fourth quarter. Our tipster says that after asking for greater details as to why they wouldn't be installing any Wii demo units, he was told by his manager that they had "fear of some kid getting hurt or injuring others in the process of flailing his arms around."

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kmis875847d ago

While demos would definitely help speed sales along (demoing a ds is what made me get one), I don't think its that necessary for the launch window because they'll sell out no matter what. So as long as they get demos out in Q1 07 like they say they will this shouldn't really be cause for any concern.

Marriot VP5847d ago

Well the Wii's will get into the walmarts. What's interesting is the PS3 is gonna have 400K, and the Wii will have 1 million, 2.5 times more but the PS3 still gets precidence.

Interesting, anyways what they need to do is clear out the xbox1, ps2, gamecube stuff and that'll give them room. Just stuff those 3 consoles into one compartment.

kmis875847d ago

I don't know how smart that would be right away; ps2 is still the biggest software seller as far as consoles go.

NJ1307RSX5847d ago

The Xbox1 and Gamecube are dead most stores are getting rid of them but it is not wise to take out the PS2 yet. Since it is still outselling the xbox 360. WoW!

Marriot VP5847d ago

kmis, I didn't mean immediately. Overtime that's what will happen. Good point though with the PS2.

kmis875847d ago

Yeah, you're right that it will be phased out next year though. Next year will probably be the last year where we'll see any nice releases for the ps2.

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MissAubrey5847d ago

Nobody has respect for crap at Wal-Mart so why bother theyd just trash it like they do evrything else.

Marriot VP5847d ago

well somebody doesn't like to shop communist walmart. Hehe.

Yah if you guys didn't know over 80% of walmart products are chinese. The chinese are communist, and communists force cheap labor, and the cheap labor gives you cheap products to buy. Fun fact

joemutt5847d ago

Microsoft actually has something to replace it with. Its been fun but I am ready to see what Wii will offer too.

happygamer5847d ago

i would like to test the wii out 1st to see if i like the new controller. i have tested out my remote control to the tv just to see what it would feel like but its not the same. but that was with no game turned on or anything just me and my imagination. i hope this is just a rumor.

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