PS3 Theme Builder 2.1

The new version of PS3 Theme Builder by Lili-Chan software allows for adding sound effects to your custom made themes.

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INehalemEXI4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Curiosity got to me. Had to know how some of those themes on had sound fx.

timmyp534659d ago

I wonder why Uncharted didnt have any.

Suki034659d ago

Nice ! I love customizing the theme on the PS3. I usually change every few days.

INehalemEXI4659d ago

Same here, I even use a different theme for each regional account. bubble @ you Suki03

Suki034659d ago

nice! hmm ya I didn't think about the other region ones because I don't usually stay there for too long. Each week I go to EU/JP/HK PS store to check for updates/demos, hehe. Bubbles back at you ~ :)

TripleTags4659d ago

i just wish people spent more time to really redo the icons .. im so sick of seeing half assed themes with the sample01 icon set ... lazy.

Suki034659d ago

Ya, seriously, my favorite themes used to uncharted, ratchet, and COD4 theme because they had nice icons. Later on I customized my own theme with their wallpaper (which you can dissect using zoom) and used other theme's icons. My favorite out of them are devil may cry 4 and FF.

n_n4659d ago

i still need to create my very own custom theme one day... hell, i even installed the yucky Windows XP on my Mac just to use the theme builder... any Cocoa coders out there creating a Mac version for us Mac users?

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