Mobile Suit Gundam OO - Trailer, Screens, Published on 21/01/2008 by Régis Dépre - French-to-English translation:

"Here's the first video of Mobile Suit Gundam OO, the upcoming game drawn from the license on the DS, which advertises graphically good brushwork. Release is schedule on March 27, 2008 in Japan.

Update: Here are some new images."

Contributor's Notes: has captured and posted 25 screenshots from this Japanese trailer.

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Charlie26884665d ago

The game is looking pretty decent :)

Gundam 00 the anime is also so far been good I actually like the realistic approach the series has taken in reflection to todays political conflicts

oh boy Gundam whore Charlie is starting again :P

BLuKhaos4664d ago

Man I wish they would make one of for the PSP too

the_bebop4664d ago

When is the series coming out on DVD, the only way I get to see gundam her in Australia is by buying locally or Importing from the US. I hope this game does good. Games based on Anime rarely get released her I should be getting the Bleach DS game when It finally gets released here in February.

Bonsai12144664d ago

its going to be a long time. they're only on ep 15 of a 50 ep season. plus there's a season 2 coming to.

the_bebop4664d ago

Bugger. Oh well I guess I will have to make do with that last DVD volume of Gundam Seed Destiny which I have yet to get and I have finally goten around to start watching the Original Mobile Suite Gundam so far I have only been able to get a hold of the first four volumes.