QJ.NET's Dubious Video Game Awards

QJ.NET writes: While the gaming industry have busted out their top video game picks for 2007, proclaiming this or that game as being the best in this or that category. QJ.NET has come up with their own twisted take on the Game of the Year Awards, the Dubious Video Game Awards.

Note that this article is rife with spoilers, so if you want to discover today's biggest games for yourselves, you'd do well to stay away.

Most Unintentionally Sadistic Boss Fight of the Year:
Winner: Mario versus Dino Piranha in the Good Egg Galax (Super Mario Galaxy - Wii)

Pick-up line of the Year
Winner: "I'm looking for some alien toilet to park my bricks." (Duke Nukem Forever - PC)

Most Formidable Handlebar Mustache
Winner: Captain Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 360, PC, PS3)
Call of Duty 4 - Image 1

Most Pointless Use of Wet-Clothes Graphics
Winner: Nathan Drake (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Image 1

Most Unintentional Innuendo of That Sort
Winner: "We may need you to play Twing-Twang." (Heavenly Sword-PS3)

Most Effective Advertisement Campaign
Winner: Jade Raymond (Ubisoft)

Jade Raymond - Image 1

Most Cruel Display of Animal Torture
Winner: Riding a crippled horse (Assassin's Creed - 360, PS3)

Most Helpful AI
Winner: UNSC Military Personnel (Halo 3 - 360)

Halo 3 - Image 1

Most Pointless Boss Fight (or most obvious point in the game where the developers ran out of ideas)
Winner: Master Chief w/ Spartan Laser versus Guilty Spark (Halo 3 - 360)

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Cyrus3654664d ago

I like how they have a "Best Dragon sim" just specifically to mention Lair, lol!