Does Microsoft's New Surface Tablet Have a Secret Crush on Core PC Gaming?

Microsoft might not recognize it, but Surface brings core PC gaming to tablets.

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decrypt3870d ago

Surface should have no problem running a 10year old game like Warcraft 3, which means PC gamers can play Dota 1 on Surface, which i think would be amazing.

SlipperyMooseCakes3870d ago

The pro tablet will be able to run fairly more demanding games than WC3 so you should be in good hands

ATi_Elite3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I'll wait one more gen by then more intense games will be able to run on a tablet.

A more powerful and efficient AMD APU CPU/GPU would do the trick.

AAACE53870d ago

I just wat something that can play dune 2000 without me having to do a bunch of bs to get it running correctly.

BattleAxe3870d ago

Looks pretty cool. This is the kind of product that would allow me to consider buying a tablet.

CommonSenseGamer3870d ago

This will change the face of tablet gaming. Now, if only MS could get better app support as well.

Tacklebait3870d ago

I wonder if companies would release new touch based ui's for older games and sell them for a reasonable price, <$5 kinda thing... c&c could be fun with touch

Chrono3870d ago

Probably very expensive.