The 10′s: Games That Deserve a Sequel or a Reboot [Digital Noob]

Megan Salisbury writes, "There are a lot of games out there for gamers to enjoy. Some games gamers hold closer to the heart and some of those games definitely deserve either a sequel or a reboot. Alas, in the midst of financial hardships, studios closing down, and people being laid off, some games are not getting the attention they deserve. With that being said, here are some of the games that I think deserve either a sequel or a reboot."

user54670074412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

I would think it would be great if RE got a reboot but only after they can make RE they way it used to be in terms of survival horror

I think it would be great if they told the same story all over again, from the mansion inncident BUT this time they alter things which lead to differen't outcomes telling a differen't story overall...

For example

What if STARS killed the Tyrant but didn't destroy the Mansion. This would lead to the Raccoon inncident to start earlier.

What if Leon arrived later and decides to go in to help people out (not knowing what lies in wait) but instead of meeting up with Claire he teams up with Jill instead. Jill then becomes an agent like Leon after RE2

What if the Las Plagas thing just didn't happen, what if Umbrella learnt about the Plagas sooner, got to it first and destroyed them all before they kidnapped Ashley.

What if Claire manages to meet up with Chris before he leaves Raccoon City and they go fight Umbrella together somwhere other then Rockfort Island. It means the enemies there would be still alive.

What if Barry went with Chris to Africa instead to find Jill or maybe they've taken Rebbeca Chambers instead, she could of bitten and cured in RE0 (another alteration) like what happened to Jill in RE3 which is why Wesker took her after learning how valuable she was as a test subject...kind of similar to the RE4.5 concept art.

So many possibilties

It would mean they can keep our beloved characters, fix RE as a sort of do over and give Wesker a better send off...or hell keep him around longer.

Skateboard4412d ago

I wish Resident Evil 5 wasn't canon.

Knightofelemia4412d ago

Sequals I would have added Xenosaga which should have been finished as 6 episodes and not 3 episodes. I would have also added Wild Arms to the list great game needs a sequel.

Reboots I would add Blasto, Lost Vikings, Battle Toads, Double Dragon and the list can go on.

Chrono4412d ago

Chrono Cross sequel would be awesome

SirBradders4412d ago

Does anyone remember skies of arcadia that was a brilliant rpg for its day. A true sequel to that with the right marketing would do extremely well, your own pirate island and airship to explore the world map, cant get any better than that.

CLOUD19834412d ago

Dead games/series that need a new chapter (for consoles) ASAP!

Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Legaia
Wild Arms
Breath of Fire
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story
Soul Reaver
Dino Crisis
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Devil's Deception (give me a new installment of this game in HD plx!)

Game series ruined because a) the original creator left or b) the company gave the IP to some other studio and ofc it suck & they need a proper treatment.

Final Fantasy
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil
Silent Hill

All in all some of the most well loved game franchises r ruined big time because of wrong decisions, & some other forgotten completely & that's the most disappointing thing for me at the current generation of consoles.


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TiredGamer22d ago

Fantastic homage to a memorable part of the original. The authenticity to the source material is outstanding and blows away all of the pathetic Hollywood adaptations that we've had to endure as fans. The addition of Chris Redfield's original actor AND (separate) voice actor is fantastic! Heck, even the CGI was pretty good given the total budget of $55k to make this.

Babadook721d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Yeah this seemed so much more like cannon to me. I’d watch more of it if / when it’s available.


The OG Resident Evil just hit GOG, with Resident Evil 2 and 3 joining "soon"

Thank GOG for that!

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TheNamelessOne25d ago

I feel like they should have included the original games with the remakes they've been doing.