NPD Reports Blu-Ray trouncing HD DVD Hardware Sales

The standalone sales of Blu-Ray players eclipsed that of HD DVD players by a margin of 69.4 : 30.6 for the first 2 weeks of January , 2008.

NPD has also revealed the sales ratio of standalone HI-DEF disc players for the month of December , 2007

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sonarus4659d ago

hd-dvd is dead. if you are selling so cheap in desperation to beat your rival format and you stilla re getting beaten despite this.

zambrota4659d ago

I hope Toshiba makes Blu Ray players and sell them at decent price

mikeslemonade4659d ago

And this increase of players for blu-ray is just from news hype. When Warner finally switches in March then we will see another big shift.

felman874659d ago

despite super cheap prices, blu-ray still beat out HD-DVD in hardware sales in December. (note that it's not counting PS3 or 360 add-on)

zambrota4659d ago

This is why we saw the demise of HD DVD.

I am apalled by Toshiba's arrogant moves of self destruction however.

They shoul move on and not stick themselves with Hd Dvd anymore.

whats gone is gone

Snukadaman4659d ago

Its any wonder how hd-dvd is still being sold...its dead allright but so is ever find out the exact numbers of movies sold...or is it so miniscule that its hard to keep track...its always percentages...whats up with that?

xplosneer4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

the week of 1/12 blu ray won 92.5:7.5, while the total of the first two weeks of January blu ray won 69.4:30.6

No problem.

zambrota4659d ago

69:30 is the aggregate average of the first 2 weeks.

so as xplosneer pointed out BD outsold HD DVD 90 :10 last week

Bill Gates4659d ago

HD-DVD is nothing but a bad memory now.....AHAHAHAAHHAAHA

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The story is too old to be commented.