New details on The Agency pop up

Some new information on Sony Online's upcoming game, The Agency, has sprung up on the net recently in the form of an interview with the games lead designer, Hal Milton and Design Director, Matt Wilson.

The Agency is a uniqueMMO for the Playstation 3 and PC that aims to give players a chance to be an international spy, as well as put the player in charge of running and maintaining their own agency of spies. It's early on in development, so little information has been released as of yet.

Throughout the interview, several new tidbits were unveiled about the game. For starters, the game will take place in three target cities, one from Central America, Eastern Europe, and East Asia. The exact cities have yet to be announced, but Prague, Paris, and Amsterdam have been discussed in previous interviews and previews. In each of these areas there will be several locations to visit from lots of different cities, giving the game a varied look and feel.

A large goal in the game is to build your own Agency of operatives, which are gained by having a good reputation. You will be limited to a certain number of agents, so picking the right combination of Agents is extremely important to complete specialized objectives. Agencies are essential to progress throughout the game.

The game will ship with several mini games, non-combat activities, and instance-based missions. Once players have mastered these quests and missions, new episodic content will be available for download soon after release, but no schedule has been announced as of yet. The plan is to have several smaller mission packs released, with larger downloads a possibility as well.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4665d ago

more and more everytime i hear about it.

Mr_Kuwabara4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Wow long since there was an updated news about The Agency. The game seems promising in theory, let's hope it can deliver.

n_n4665d ago

i'm not much of an online gamer (yet) but this game sounds uber cool... keeping my eye out on this for sure

angel199x4665d ago

also looking forward to this game.. as close as i can get to a perfect dark online. ^_^;