Thousands Sign "Save HD DVD" Petition (UPDATED)

Remember that online petition started to show support for HD DVD? Turns out a fair number of people actually signed it. As with almost all online petitions, it will most likely not come to anything. Lets also not forget that another petition also exists, the "Let HD DVD Die" petition that was started to counter this pro HD DVD petition. If you are a fan of online petitions, hit the link to find out more.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

funny,funny stuff.

I saw a artical about a HD-DVD player for $129(around) and 10-15 free movies.

that`s what you call liquidation!

mikeslemonade4665d ago

It should say "make hd-dvd die" not "let hd-dvd die". We aren't going to let a evil format go away so easily. We need to smash it to death, agree?

aceitman4665d ago

but there the ones that purchased the crap any way there trying to save it so they dont waste there money and have to spend even more to buy a blueray player tough luck you should have went blue from the beginning instead of going hdumped

bizi64984665d ago

I love the "thousands signed a petition...": almost makes it sound like it matters what 1000 retards whine about on the web these days.

Keep hoping xbots, it's very entertaining.

mikeslemonade4665d ago

At least the DMC4 petition to stay exclusive to PS3 made sense. It would have been a better game if the developers focused on one system which was the PS3. This has HD-DVD petition has no benefit for the consumer.

BrianC62344665d ago

I wonder how many of the people who signed work for Toshiba or anyone else heavily invested in HD DVD? I'd have to say most of them. A lousy 6,000 signatures is nothing. Warner won't even care.

MikeGdaGod4665d ago

its probably the thousands that were silly enough to buy them

Stubacca4664d ago

I say let it rot in betamax/laserdisc hell.

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zambrota4665d ago

UPDATE: (Jan 21, 6:00pm ET) Several readers have written in to point out that HD DVD fans aren't the only ones to have set up online petitions in the wake of Warner's announcement. Several other petitions have been set up by early adopters urging Paramount, Universal and Toshiba to drop their HD DVD support, back Blu-ray and bring the high-def format war to a swift end.

At press time, the "Let HD DVD Die" petition had garnered the most signatures of the pro-Blu-ray petitions, with over one thousand signatures.

so most people actually signed up for killing HD DVD

Oh Btw was HD DVD ever alive?

TheExodus4665d ago

@zambrota: Did you read the article? If no, that would explain your comment. If yes, please re-read the article for comprehension because you've missed something.

zambrota4665d ago

read not the article but the UPDATE.

The article is old but the UPDATE is new

chfthnder264665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

yes it was and still is alive i went to best buy friday and thought about getting my parents an hddvd player but didnt cuz i wasnt sure about my finances but n e way i went back on saturday and they were sold out of the players for 149.99 which they had like 5 left so i missed out but that means 5 more hddvd owners that r going to enjoy hi def movies for an affordable price oh and no one had even touched the bluray players right next to the 199.99 hddvd players

n00dl3s4665d ago

wow I know this post is old but I'm replying anyway.

@ chfthnder26

yes 5 people are getting CRAP at an extremely affordable price, where they will be treated to extremely amazing features like "severely less available movies", and "wasting 150$ on a player for a format that all but has nails in the coffin".

Oh wait there is one more feature, in each box Toshiba has included a transcript with one ENTIRE page of text written by YOU, complete with ZERO punctuation, ZERO knowledge of grammar, and ZERO sentence structute. This way if their feelings aren't hurt a little bit by their stupid purchase, Toshiba can still ensure that they lose a little bit of faith in humanity by knowing someone as illiterate as you exists.

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wallace10004665d ago

I was very surprised when i found this. I didn't think that many people signed online petitions :-P

xplosneer4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

The petition is over 235, 219 as of now.

wallace10004665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

That is crazy, i just checked that site out. Good old Gore, i wish he had beaten George. George is too stupid to run a country, he is however good at destroying a country's economy :-P

Synex4665d ago

Presidents just look pretty as all the other people in the government run the country.

xplosneer4665d ago

It's almost funny how many people here have a democrat mindset or like democrats, as it seems.

I agree with you for sure.

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