Keighley Sets Mass Effect Record Straight On Fox News... Or Tries To

Kotaku reports that Keighley appeared live on Fox News to try and clear the waters over a vast video game misrepresentation. In the first two minutes the anchor says that Mass Effect has full nudity and sex and a psychologist "expert" talks about statistics show that games are played by young boys and that Mass Effect is all about objectifying women. Oh wait, you can play as a woman too, Keighley points out and the full on nudity? About half a boob for 30 seconds of a 30 hour game.

Keighley totally took charge of the interview.

It's obvious that people who they had discussing it, never played Mass Effect, they probably heard about it five minutes before they were supposed to offer an opinion.

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INehalemEXI4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Cooper discredits herself by claiming things that she could only pull out of her ___ . When she has never even played the game. What kind of ____ is that.

They overdue the format, of having a topic and then having 2 experts with conflicting views give there opinion's. It was clear the one who played the game Keighley new what was really going on. The other was just fabricating BS right before our eyes.

pwnsause4663d ago

its "Faux" News what do you expect?

BrianC62344663d ago

How many game boxes has she seen? She said you have to turn the package over and look at the back for the rating. I'm not sure about 360 games but my PS3 games have the rating on the front. But I guess even that's tough to look at. What does E or M mean? Too much for one person to deal with. /end sarcasm

ry-guy4663d ago

Did you also notice how they showed the *entire* sex scene at the opening of the piece?

If they showed it on TV doesn't that say something? Hmmmm.

BrianC62344663d ago

Was that the whole scene? I don't have a 360 so I haven't seen it but that was no big deal at all. I see a lot more than that on TV commercials for spring break specials during sweeps week. Is he going to go after MTV and even local TV networks too? God of War had more in its sex scenes probably. I wonder if he went after that game too? I can't believe this story.

By the way, I'm conservative and in my 40s. I wonder if Fox News knows people who they think watch them play videogames? I am in their demograpic but I don't watch them. They're as bad as the liberal news people. How about they all go back to the days when news people reported the news and don't tell us their politics?

ry-guy4662d ago

Yes. They showed, in its entirity, one of two possible sexual scenes you can get in the game. And what you saw was about as bad as it can get. YouTube has slews of videos up if you go look, nothing worse than maybe PG-13.

Nevers4662d ago

I like that one.. bubbs to you.

Seriously... the entire lead up to this scene is more erotic than what actually transpires. They really did a good job telling an adult story. The game really reminds me of BSG (specially the tunes)

...and I've seen more boob in 8bit games that actually were marketed to kids than was shown in Mass E.

derseb4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

this tv station is a threat to society.

gamesR4fun4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

how about them kids that can turn on the tv and listen to fox??? a lot more worried about what they see on the air than anything they might find in a console game.

dantesparda4662d ago

men, to that brother, amen. I fvcking HATE fox news. I HATE them. Right-wing pieces of sh!t. And this just goes to shows you's how the media really doesnt know what the fvck they are talking about most of time. But rather are just thought to talk sh!t, and start fights. Just notice how simplistic and dumb the American news media is, especially fox noise

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INehalemEXI4663d ago

Darkwatch was more graphic then Mass effect IMO and it wasn't even in HD lol.

Honeal2g4662d ago

everyone agreeding aon a subject matter no one trashin abother system i mean look at the disagrees i havent seen one yet.

jmare4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

worse also was the last leisure Suit Larry. It was a hell of alot worse than mass effect.

Jack Bauer4663d ago

Keighley Pwned that woman... but, they take a what 2 second clip of nudity and turn it into contraversy... i see more sex and nudity in PG13 movies then i do M rated games...hell i see more on Cable TV...and a movie the kids can grab the DVD and FF to the exact spot and watch it over and over Vs playing about 12 or so hours of a game while making sure they do the side quest in order to have the scene happen, not to mention it is only seconds long... Ridiculus...i used to like FOX cause all the other news channels are bleeding liberals.

SRuN44663d ago

"they should have their heads examined for not giving it an AO rating" maybe they should get their eyes checked because last time i checked the rating is on the front of the box not the back. sad part is.. these people are "young" enough to atleast get it unlike older people and they clearly dont.