How Microsoft's tablet Touch Cover could change game controls

When Microsoft first unveiled a pair of smartcovers with integrated keyboards as a key part of its Windows 8 tablet strategy last week, most commentators saw the move as an attempt to position the tablet computers more directly against standard laptops. But for gamers, the Touch Cover in particular could open up some interesting new control options for PC games, if Microsoft and developers are savvy enough to capitalize on its potential.

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nukeitall3927d ago

I imagine MS could even make a gaming specific portable controller that snaps in, in place of the current magnetic keyboard. Heck, just make the Xbox 360 controller work with MS Surface!

Clarence3927d ago

The surface tablet will be just like the Zune and windows phone. There is no way in hell that this tablet will be able to compete with the iPad. The battery life on it is less than 8hrs, you can only use with wifi, and the top version of the tablet will cost a 1000 dollars.

M$ can't even get the tablet to work right. Better make sure you have a warranty for it.

Soldierone3927d ago

Zune is the reason I won't buy this. Even if it is the best quality (Zunes were/are awesome) if it doesn't sell like Apple products MS loses interest and tries something else....

Zune wasn't the only product they did it to either.

Even if MS literally signs a contract to vouch support for tablets, I wouldn't buy the first two iterations of it.

chukamachine3927d ago

Dunn was over Unger, and I was over Dunn.

SockeyBoy3927d ago

Haters gonna hate, *sigh* Haters gonna hate.

nukeitall3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Actually MS Surface has been very well received by the press. It just isn't a tablet, it is more like a tablet-laptop hybrid that could replaces your desktop and tablet together, something iPad is incapable of doing. In fact, it can also run your current Windows application!

In comparison, battery life on iPad is max 10-hours and Kindle Fire is 8-hours so Surface getting 8-hours is in-line with a bigger screen.

The model competing with iPad should be priced accordingly and the high end model is obviously high end will cost accordingly.

Also, regarding the video:

MS isn't the only one! It happens all the time with pre-release software/hardware. Also, in citing zune and wp7, have you forgotten about the other successful product called Xbox 360 and Kinect. Also, don't count Windows Phone out, as Windows 8 core will really make WP shine. Apps shared across desktop, laptop, tablet and even on your smartphone!

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Dovahkiin3927d ago

It has USB ports, and runs on Windows 8; I'm assuming the Xbox 360 controller will be fully compatible, along with any other USB peripherals.

@Clarence, I think the i5 processor says otherwise, although I'm reserving judgement. Unlike you and many others.

supraking9513927d ago

lol its just a tablet, its gonna do what all other tablets do. Its no game changer...NEXT

N4realGMRZ3927d ago

Just silly.........nonsense.

Soldierone3927d ago laptop has already been there done that. It even has controllers I could plug in and play, it can even use PS3 and 360 controllers. I could spend an extra couple hundreds and even get a touchscreen laptop.....

I honestly still don't understand the need for tablets.

Hufandpuf3927d ago

YOU don't see the need, but I've seen hospitals use them all the time. There are other things people use tablets for than just play games. Hell I bet devs use tablets to organize their workflow, and I'm pretty sure they do. Also I'm typing from my iPad right now because I can't get to my computer right now, tablets have no use? How about try them before you judge.

Godmars2903927d ago

The point is what is MS bringing to the table that's all that different and hasn't been done before?

There are several brands of tablets out already not including the iPad and MS is trying to put something out that says "dump all of that other stuff, buy ours!" And the only thing they have to offer is Windows integration. Nevermind their negative record with hardware.

SockeyBoy3927d ago

@ Godmars

"MS is trying to put something out that says dump all of that other stuff, buy ours" haha Oh no what an evil company, thats so not buisness like.

Soldierone3927d ago

How about I have tried them already?

I love how everyone comes back to the "hospitals use them!!!!!" Really? So everyone that owns a tablet is a doctor or nurse that NEEDS that portability?

My point is this tablet comes with a stand, a keyboard, and is doing things LAPTOPS ALREADY DO! Yet people gobble them up like the hottest thing out there. They are targeting people with laptops.

I didn't once state tablets are useless, so good job drawing that conclusion. They do have their uses, in hospitals and at certain jobs, but thats not what they are targeted at anymore. You know what I do when I'm too lazy and cant get my laptop out of my bag? I pull out my phone.....

Perhaps take the flaming away, and simply explain what uses tablets provide that laptops don't already provide (to the average consumer).

I'll be buying a ultra book next, not a wannabe laptop with a touchscreen. There is a reason ONLY Apple sells tablets well, its their marketing and "hip" trends.

I'd also like the disagrees to prove me wrong, what does a tablet do that my laptop cant.

nukeitall3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )


"The point is what is MS bringing to the table that's all that different and hasn't been done before?"

Did you like completely miss the entire point of MS Surface?

Are you one of those old grumpy guys that still use a tube monitor? Because an LCD monitor doesn't bring all that much that a tube monitor doesn't. How about, those mouse with a ball?

It's called incremental change and in this case, I think they nailed it. A hybrid laptop-tablet that is actually functional and aestethically pleasing. I'm excited about it, and the press seems to be too.


How about being much more convenient to use than a laptop in certain situations. Such as writing on the screen or reading a book. I could go on, but you completely missed the point!

It's not about ability to do something, it is about preferences!

I by far prefer doing certain tasks on my Kindle Fire (dual core), despite it's shitty OS that my Windows Phone beats with a single core. So heck yeah I'm excited for Windows 8. Been using the consumer preview and it has been f'in great!

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KMCROC543927d ago

Waiting patiently for more specs , weather it better than Apple remains to be seen ,will it give Apple some competition don't yet know . what i do know is that this Surface tablet Pro w/ OS 8 from MS & their windows 8 mobile will work a lot smother with Xbox Smart Glass feature & that is reason enough for ME to buy them both even without knowing the tablets full potential.

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