Top 5 Most Disappointing Video Games... of All Time?

GameDynamo - "Unfortunately, many titles fail to live up to the hype that their gung-ho advertising department kicks up. As a result, the games often end up feeling as empty and unfulfilling, much like a celebrity marriage."

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versusALL3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

My Disappointing game is Resistance 3. Insomniac Games said it would include the best of both Resistance 1 and 2.(and it looked good too) But then I played it.

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thebudgetgamer3376d ago

This guy must be new to gaming, ever heard of E.T.?

ATi_Elite3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Advent Rising for the Xbox!

So much hype for this dam game! I'm talking Trilogy Hype. Advent Rising already had 2 sequels in the works. Friggin previews made it seem more epic than a George Lucas trilogy. I'm talking major production here then the game came out and eventually BOMBED! Totally repetitive and stupid.

Strider, Sega Genesis

first 8Mb cartridge and i paid $79.99 at Toys R Us and got home and beat it in like 2 hours (if that long). Great graphics, fun game, 2 hours, $80 bucks, and No Happy ending!!

E.T., Atari 2600

we know the story, Atari made more E.T. cartridges than they did Atari 2600's and the game was made in like a week to cash in on the movie and totally SUCKED! Worst game EVER and i got it as a gift! Used socks would of been better than E.T.

State of Emergency, Playstation 2

This is why I hate Gamestop and game Magazines. Magazines hyped up this dam Rockstar game like it was the second coming of GTAIII! Everyone wanted it, everyone had it on pre-order except me! I waited until release day to get it and the Gamestop dude lied and said he played it and it was just like GTAIII. I Bought it, it sucked Donkey balls, got like $5 trade in Value 3 hours later. I knocked over all the anime figurines on my way through the store to make that lying sack of sht make up for the money i wasted.

Halo Combat Evolved PC

Halo Xbox was good for a console game. So with all the hype and Fanboys running around with tears in their eyes screaming "Master Chief" like 11 year old girls at a Nsync concert I decided to get it for my PC. Halo PC was absolute sht!! Good thing i didn't pay for it but i was still disappointed.

CyanideMatt3376d ago

Oh that game was painful! My friend and I played it because it was the only RPG co-op game that we could find that was decent to play... but it wasn't... it was the most painful experience of my life. HORRIBLE CONTROLS... felt like it was designed for 4 player co-op and just made it for two. The difficulty felt like it with those stupid dots that exploding enemies dealt and the healing was horrendous. Worst game I wasted so much time on.

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