Sarcastic Gamer makes its case against EA, Sony, CNet, and fanboys

With four simple questions, the author searches for answers to several questions that are on the minds of many gamers these days. From the Xbox Live meltdown to Payola in Gaming, this exhaustive query uncovers many more questions than answers. A big helping of food for thought.

From the article: "These mega-publishers continue to sail their yachts further and further into uncharted waters, testing just how far gamers will let them go. I just hope they've piled a lot of supplies on their little SS Minnow, because I have a feeling it won't be long before they find themselves swallowed up by a hate-hurricane. When you piss of a gamer, they don't just stop buying your games. They also tell a hundred friends, who also tell a hundred friends."

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LGFreedom5614d ago

I don't agree with all of it, but dang, he hit it on the head on 3 out of the 4. Definitely worth a read.

ruibing5614d ago (Edited 5614d ago )

Wait a tick. So what is its case against Sony? It's a long rant that Sony doesn't listen to bloggers. I've remembered posting questions on the official PS3 blog before along with a bunch of people and actually had it answered indirectly. It wasn't much but it feels nice to have developers and managers at Sony and its affiliates actually making posts and checking back, but that's not really my point.

Sony does listen to PS3 owners, though maybe not to bloggers, who are nothing more than end users with big mouths. They understand the lack of achievements, the cumbersome of the current PS store, and the desire for in-game XMB and custom soundtracks. They've already delivered on the desire for more PSP/PS3 cooperative features, Divx, and more.

Of all the things to rant against Sony, this is just ridiculous. If you are going to pick a fight, at least pick a good one.

INehalemEXI5614d ago (Edited 5614d ago )

Funny they think sony is going to respond if they rant on some random blog. Try posting your question on Sony's blog ...where there are employee's there to answer your "?".

felman875614d ago

he's talking about Sony PR firms not responding to emails.

Lord Anubis5614d ago (Edited 5614d ago )

he is wrong about the PR department at least at my time in I had a few discussions with Dave Karraker and landed an exclusive q&A user submitted question which he agreed to for

The only thing you need to contact sony is a a password.
(before i forget you need a unique email to reach sony. yahoo,google e-mails wont do you anygood. I guess they have filters?)

the part about XBL problems is sincerely stupid. Just blaming sony fans wont do anything to improve their case. That's like blaming the jews for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

destroyah5614d ago

Don't be mad that Sony doesn't have time to read your crap. No one cares.

BrianC62345614d ago

When the dufus got to the part about Xbox Live and then talked about PS3 fanboys I stopped reading. He's just an Xbot I guess. And thinks it's fine if he pays for a service he can't use. That's okay with me if he wants to waste his money. I didn't waste my time reading any further though.

SWORDF1SH5614d ago

i agree destroyah. the only reason MS is in a rush to help bloggers is because 99% of the sh*t sony get comes from bloggers. the bloggers do the dirty work for MS. this guy also talks out of his arse. he is a big fanboy and trys to hide it with the insult-compliment approach. first he slags off the PS3 with childish remarks that im not sure he knows to much about and then goes "but they got good games coming". why would sony want to help bloggers like him if the turn out sh*t like this. i think the reason why he doesnt like sony are more of a personal thing and stuff the gamers dont care about.

Fighter5614d ago

Sony does respond to bloggers on the Playstation blog. They appear in red comment boxes so you can distinguish between the Sony reps and regular gamers. They have given relevant responses and even heard some good ideas from gamers that they may take into consideration.

LGFreedom5614d ago

Actually, is part of a conglomerate of websites and for Sony to ignore the entire Gamercast Network, speaks volumes about their crappy community relations.

Every single person that doesn't like this article is from a Sony related site....

Go figure.

ElfShotTheFood5614d ago

There should be a mandatory intelligence test required to get a blog, or at least some sort of monthly fee to keep the loud-mouthed teenage "journalists" out.

LGFreedom5614d ago

You leave these types of messages on every article.


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