Tokyo Game Show 2006: The Report

Next Generation takes a stroll around TGS and reports back from all the major booths. Your company-by-company updates are inside…

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NextGen24Gamer5844d ago

In Japan, where Xbox 360’s progress has thus far seemed insoluably bleak, the system will see something of a relaunch alongside the Wii and PS3. And the 360 is the only system with Hironobu Sakaguchi's new games, and oh Lord are they impressive. (See hyperbole from Tim Rogers elsewhere on this site.)

Not only are they impressive; they're comprehensive both in scope (Blue Dragon for the conservative Square fans and kids; Lost Odyssey for more modern and progressive fans) and in presentation. These games form kind of a bullet-proof shield of respectability around the system, illustrating just what a talented Japanese developer can do with the system if it feels like bothering.

It's all clicking together! And people here are interested; the crowd to play the Mistwalker stuff is, from my measurements, far larger than the line at Sony's booth to check out its launch lineup. Of course, uh, Sony's lineup isn't all that inspiring to start with. Still, there you go. Japanese people seem to notice this! Or at least the Japanese people who go to TGS.

Lost Planet -- by huge sweeping measures one of the most enjoyable games on the 360 and a sleeper hit in the making.

Curiously, although the demo is freely available over Xbox Live, there's an enormous line to play it here. The realization hits, of course: nobody has a 360. Yet the games are drawing interest! First Dead Rising, now Lost Planet -- and just wait until the Mistwalker games hit. This is fascinating.

NextGen24Gamer5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Just about 2/3rd of ALL gamers either don't want the ps3 or can't afford it. Thats exactly what I suspected from people in my town. Most people either don't want it or can't afford it. Leaving 60 percent of gamers looking MS's way for their next gen needs. Thanks Microsoft...

UrbanJabroni5844d ago

A little off topic, but I just got finished watching the IGN TGS podcast and I had a question. We all know that IGN has a pretty serious PS3 bias, and I know think I understand why after listening to the podcasts and watching the show. One of the guys, the blonde one, is _very_ pro PS3, spouting love for Sony even after the awful press conference and saying that MS got "destroyed" at this years TGS. Unfortunately, he appears to have the dominant personality, so much so that all the other IGN staffers refuse to push him and just concede his points. From what I can tell from the podcasts, most of the staff seems pretty moderate (as they should be) but the blonde guy influences everyone with some extreme Sony bias and his ability to "scare" the other staff.

Anyone know who this guy is and what his background is?

Dusk5844d ago

Just to clarify. Sony contracted Gamespy for the PS3's basic services. Gamespy and IGN are the same company. Therefore Sony pays IGN. Hence the IGN bias towards Sony.

calderra5844d ago

Sony owns IGN. Bias much? Of course. Regardless of how "independent" they are, they're not going to shoot their own paychecks in the foot.

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