The five manliest videogame consoles of all time

The title pretty much says it all, from Arthur's Hall of Viking Manliness comes the top five manliest consoles of all time.

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Bonsai12144660d ago

ahh genesis. what a good system.

anywho, i would have expected the original xbox to make it on the list somewhere. not only was it built manly, its flagship title had arguably the manliest man character in the last generation. (i say arguably because Kratos and Dante give Him stiff competition) plus its original controller was built for men. men with frying pan sized hands. what's more manly than that?

mikeslemonade4660d ago

And the systems on the other end of the spectrum...

1.Gamecube purple
2. GBA purple

RecSpec4660d ago

There is no such thing as a manly console. Jeez are you kidding me?

Joesus34504660d ago

Dude I dunno if you were too busy eating paste in your fourth Grade English class but [email protected] an oxymoron is a phrase that pairs two words with opposite meanings together for example. Jumbo Shrimp, Minor Miracle, Logical Fanboy, and so on and so forth. Go get a diploma...

Wii60PS3DSPSP4660d ago

I agree with the Genesis being manly.