Sony PlayStation 3 Europe Sales Climb to Record High After Price Cut

1/22/08 - Mike Firn and Hiroshi Suzuki of Bloomberg write:

"Sony Corp., the world's video-game console maker, sold a record number of PlayStation 3 machines in Europe during the holiday shopping season after lowering prices to compete against Nintendo Co.'s Wii."

"Sony, which began selling PlayStation 3s in Europe in March, shipped about 1.2 million consoles in the region during the five- week period ended Dec. 31, Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony's game division, said in a Bloomberg Television interview aired today. That's in line with U.S. shipments during the period, he said."

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nicholascage244658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

1.2 million during December.

sonyland am cry

I have a feeling that around 4.5 million ps3s might have been sold in europe till 2007. I hope Gfk clarifies Vgchartz numbers just like the way they did with their french and australian numbers

nicholascage244658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

as soon as the xbox 360 premium or ps3 40 gig drops to 300$ wii will be gone in US.

I think Gta 4 will see wii disappear from north american markets. thats when casual will take up next-gen gaming.

with mgs4( by march 31st,unlikely but not impossible) though ps3 has every possibility to hit 11 million for the fiscal year. A price drop would make things even easier


wii is selling because it is cheap. In presence of GTa4 wii will have no appeal among the casuals in Na. gta 4 is a game that the CASUALS like very much

Omegasyde4658d ago

I disagree. Nintendo is a franchise machine just Like EA.

Mario and Halo sell like crack to the common folk.

socomnick4658d ago

I agree with you omega Nintendo has something that Sony and Microsoft might never have nostalgia it sells just by that alone.

HuntTheWumpus4658d ago

The reputation Nintendo has with parents, especially very young gamers. I think they can go to the brand and are able to buy "safe" games that they don't have to worry about violence, etc. It's the same parents shopping for Playskool brand toys.

LightningPS34658d ago

How much does XBOX 360 cost in Europe and how much does PS3 cost?

According to VG chartz, PS3 outsold XBOX 360 by less than 10k last week.

So maybe, it's not enough. 360 is too good for PS3 to be disregarding it like that.

Sony better hurry before they blow Europe just like they've been blowing North America.

I wonder who the hell is running Sony, thinking they're being smart.

IntelligentAj4658d ago

The same people who led the company to profitability this past quarter and for year.

Says you4658d ago

friends long time ago but when Microsoft step in they made it into a bigger war I know I'm off the topic but lets think about it have you notice that their wasn't that much fights going on when they were the only ones around! it was more calming back then until this whole "!Sh1t!" started and this is great news for them too.

boodybandit4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

It's you're a moron.
moron ;-)

IGNFTW4658d ago

"Sony Corp...sold a record number of PlayStation 3 machines...after lowering prices to compete against -Nintendo Co.'s Wii-."


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