Developers are losing faith in Unreal Engine 3, so what's next?

This in-depth Gameplayer article tackles the issues currently facing Unreal Engine 3 (law suits, PS3 compatibility) and then examines the other engines that are powering the next-generation of gaming to look for viable alternatives for developers looking to license middleware.

"Perhaps Unreal Engine 3 isn't the middleware to power the next-generation after all? With so much new IP on the roster, much of which requires new engines to be built from scratch, there is suddenly a lot more choice out there for developers seeking alternative middleware solutions."

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Darkiewonder4664d ago

But if they spent that much time trying to work with UE3, they could have made their own engine [and i know. it doesn't happen over night but still, they would have more control over it]

Real Gambler4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Basically, everybody has their own engine. They describe the engines from all the big guns! And finally they say most of them would not sell their engine.

Still it's a very deep article, covering most engines, even if most of them are not available. I guess UE3 will still reign for quite a while since almost everybody listed is not licensing their own engine. And looking at Gears of Wars and UT3, I'm not worrying too much for this engine for a while!

Greek994664d ago

'And looking at Gears of Wars and UT3, I'm not worrying too much for this engine for a while! '

but then again look at turok and blacksite

Blademask4664d ago

PS3 problems? PLEASE... Look at MAss Effect.

This engine is just bad. All of the games look like a heap of crap, and it cant be modernized. R6v2 looks exactly like R6v1..

Turok is throw up worthy.

Retire this engine today, Devs need to work for their $. There is no Turn Key engine for unique products.

Kami4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

the only games that look good that use the UE3 are Ut3 and Gears. the others suck anus. The engine im really looking foward to is the new Id sofware engine (id Tech 5) that was shown some time ago with the game rage or something like that. it looked pretty good.

SlappingOysters4664d ago

Don't forget BioShock - that was pretty pretty

JsonHenry4664d ago

Yeah dude, the new ID tech engine looks S-W-E-E-T!!

Kleptic4664d ago

bioshock is by far the only "licensee" developer that got something spectacular out of the engine...other than that, only Epic has really shown worthwhile things out of it...

UT3 looks great...but it has what all UE3 games have imo...once you get used to the great looking textures, the insane use of bloom, and good looking character models...some glaring lighting, clipping, sound, and other issues start popping up more often than not...

one thing I want to see confirmed though is the cut scenes in UT3...even on the PS3 that look absolutely impressive...eerily impressive (the facial hair seems to be completely 3 dimensional, skin textures looks as good as CryEngine 2, etc.)...but have never seen Epic confirm those to be fully real time...they don't look better than the actual gameplay overall, its just they show things close up (particularly the character models) that you don't see in game...

I don't know though...the lighting in UE3 is what has been quickly showing its compare the dynamic lighting in Battlefield BC, Crysis, or Killzone 2 and all of a sudden even UT3 looks a little dated...

with all that said though...UE3 has powered some of the saddest looking games of this generation also...Turok, Fatal Intertia, Black site A51, etc...are all some of the biggest piles of shat released this gen so far in the visual department...

I am excited to see what Epic does with Gears 2...Rein admitted to UT3 having more or less the completed version of the engine as far as visuals...that from there on focus will be mostly on more optimization, but that almost all of the effects the engine could handle have been realized (that includes their DX10 implementation)...

If they announce Gears 2 using a new engine (in which case it may point to the rumored new Xbox announcement in the works for this year...Gears 2 as a launch title for the Xbox 3 in late 2009?...they would have my attention)...but if Gears 2 does use UE3, I can't help but worry that the visuals will most likely be underwhelming at that point...

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Says you4664d ago

keeps using it a lot its a Unreal engine 3 hog! they don't use any other engines its just gets boring using the same engine notice the difference with the console that does work it uses more then that.

Rice4664d ago

developer should use the uncharted engine...