PlayStation 3 Price-Drop Again? Don't Hold Your Breath

PSX Extreme writes:

"There's a rumor that began circulating on the CheapAssGamer forum stating that the PlayStation 3 would be seeing a price-drop soon. Certain other members chimed in with their own "knowledge" and vouched for the rumor. The alleged details are a price-drop for the 40GB PlayStation 3 down to $299, which will occur on January 28th."

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LightningPS34660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Ask any analyst who knows about video games and they will tell you that they expect PS3 price adjusting a lot this year.

They know Sony is desperate. They barley pulled out of 2007 alive and they had do all sorts of adjusting.

Sony knows the danger now, and they would be retarded to not take full advantage of a year when they have some highly anticipated games.

nicholascage244660d ago

since the PP of ps3 is already below 400$ i seee no reason why we shouldnt have a second price cut.

I am willing to see SONY's balance sheet for last term. I think they definitely made profit .

It will be out in a few days so we will see.

But SONY is definitely in a position for another price cut. The diode in the ps3 costs them 8$ . It used to be 125$ during ps3's launch

Real Gambler4660d ago

They would have done it a long time ago, if it would not be for the 1 billions dollar because the console is flaky and the fact that they need replacement motherboard, which also lower the supply for new product. Do you think that the price of THAT console is not going down as well??? It is big time. Sadly, they want to show their investor that they are making money, so they have to keep the price high. But the PS3 is now picking up speed, so the last thing they want to do, is lower the price of their console AFTER Sony does so. It would look like a desesparate move from their side. So they have to act first. And they likely will.

One sure thing, the Wii is the only console who doesn't have to worry about lowering the price. Who knows, maybe we will see the day where the 360 and the PS3 will cost less than a Wii : )

ravinash4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I think the PS3 will be focusing on its software releases for sales this year as its only recently had a price cut already.
And with all the new games coming out I'm sure a lot on consoles will be picked up, so why drop it now.
The only thing that would cause it to be dropped again would be to keep it in line with the 360 if MS decide to drop their price...but I'd expect that to be 2 or 3 months down the track.
I expect Sony would like to make a little money back from the money lost on the earlier machines.

Meus Renaissance4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

The earlier they drop the price, the more efficiently they can compete with Microsoft as to not allow them the advantage in terms of price. Although it may not be as early as next week, it is sure to happen soon.

However I wonder if we'll see a price drop in Europe to take over the UK market, which would consequently secure that region for them?

Omegasyde4660d ago

I remember a while ago with Pachter predicting:

"PS3 will have a price cut around the time GTA4 comes out, to push people towards a PS3."

I honestly think perhaps maybe there will be a price cut, but I bet every penny Sony has a PS3 GTA4 bundle in the works.

LightningPS34660d ago

I mean it all depends on how sales are going and everything.

But right now I expect one when MGS4 or GTA IV come out, and another one for the holidays.

socomnick4660d ago

lol then you sir are a grade A moron.

T_O874660d ago

is there an empty seat in your class , i wanna be a grade A moron too

joke :P dont be angry dont take bubbles from me :(

bootsielon4660d ago

"lol then you sir are a grade A moron."

Is it not reasonable to think Sony might want to compete with price drops given rapidly cascading costs down, competition, and that the last year there were a few price drops and SKU shufflings? You're a moron for not coming back with a better answer.

captainpwn4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

The best selling PS3 sku is $500, the best selling 360 sku is $350. At $150 more only in the US(It's a bigger difference in EU and Japan), and a modest lineup, PS3 is still outselling 360 worldwide. And, with AAA heavy hitters this year like GT5: Prolouge, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and of course, Metal Gear Solid 4, is there any doubt PS3 will dominate?


Meus Renaissance4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Because its in 3rd place and constantly outsold by the Wii and Xbox in America? That's why

CrazzyMan4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

gamers like us, really don`t care if console cost 399$ or 349$, 50$ IF you want get your most anticipated game like FFXIII, MGS4, GT5 or etc.
but casuals choose mostly by price, especially on Christmas.
Though 100$ already look like an impressive number. =)
and yes, Sony needs to do stronger positions in usa.
5 mln. behind wii and 7 mln. behind x360.

anyway, it`s a POSITIVE thing, PS3 for 299$, isn`t that great? just like ps2 in 2001.. PS3 will follow it`s dominating path. =)
and of`course, FINAL blow to competitors.
PS3 is best in all ways(IF not, it will be by the end of 2008)!

Ju4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I would have bought a 80G @ $499 without hesitation, but I am still not sure to buy (another) 40G @ $399. At $299 this would look completely different, though. I would think for $299 it would really fly off the shelfs. Some people might be pissed again, but, well, who cares. We are just one big family, aren't we?

And why they would lower it, is simple, I guess. While they could lean back and wait until PS3 sales will take over, I think they'll go with a more aggressive approach. Its Sony after all. They have sold equity at around $3B last year. They must have pockets full of cash. Compared to M$ their initial launch costs are really written off, because no hidden costs in low quality manufacturing applies no more, I believe. They have payed a bit more in to do it right in the first place and can produce more efficient now. Everyone who is working with QA knows, if you don't do it in the first place you'll pay for it with every product sold.

Eventually they'd need to double their sales numbers to sail in quiet waters again, IMO. Hardly reachable with even $399. But $299 would target the Wii and the 360 directly, man, just compare what you'd get for the same price point. Also, the BD success might have added to that as well. BD players will reach DVD prices by 2009, effectively replacing them. So, they can pull in that advantage into the PS3 now (if at a loss), they'll catch that up later anyway.

Sony's CFO might have a different opinion, though. I'm curious. I'll wait a bit then. I still don't know if my 20% off coupon for a BD player applies to the PS3, but it expires on the 28th. Imagine it does and this rumor is true. Whoa...

BTW: I still think they should also introduce a new PS2 with WiFi and DualShock3 (blue tooth) for $99 to finish the fight. (just streamlining the controllers between PS2 and PS3 must save them a fortune).

redwingsrock4656d ago

I'd buy that PS2, I only have a 40 GB PS3 so no BC, and my launch day Fat ps2 is starting to make some strange noises while playing it and the video is starting to act up sometimes nothing to severe but i want to play my guitar hero lol

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CrazzyMan4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

"They know Sony is desperate." - that`s is like a Joke. =))

Sony having BIGGEST/GREATEST line in 2008.
Come on, FFXIII alone is worth 399$ costing ps3. For 299$ this will just kill sales of other consoles.
This is not desperate move, this is FINAL blow to competitors.

LoL. You would choose Wii for 249$ over PS3 for 299$? That is laughable.
I am not speaking about x360. =))

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