Battlefield Heroes Celebrates Three Years Anniversary with New Map

Battlefield Heroes Turns 3rd old and release a new map to celebrate

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guitarse2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Anyone played this, is it any good?

Hufandpuf2332d ago

I think it's the worst in the franchise next to BF Play 4 free. It's not a bad game though for a F2P game. Just expect to pay for items to stand up to the earlier players.

guitarse2332d ago

Hmmm, I might give it a quick go, it just doesn't seem that popular in general.

When I was at Insomnia i45 they made an announcement about new content and 3000 people couldn't give a shit lol.

CaptainCamper2332d ago

"Battlefield Heroes Turns 3rd old and release a new map to celebrate"


It's had over 12 million players register guitarse, can't all be that bad :D

Coach_McGuirk2332d ago

i had a lot of fun with this game a couple of years ago. Nothing beats the feeling of whipping people with default guns while they've paid $ for theirs.