Richard Diamant Uncharted Interview Part 2: Blu-ray Advantage, Art Style and Water


"The second part of our interview with Richard Diamant, Naughty Dog's Lead Character Artist, is upon us. In this part Richard talks about Uncharted's art style, lighting, water, the advantages of Blu-ray, and the possibility of swimming underwater or crouching in the next game."

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Rice4665d ago

Blu ray is a nessasity, i cant wait how this gamw will look like. I'm still curious about Jak and daxter, i heard somewhere of naughty dog thinking of using the uncharted engine, personally i dont think it would work out.

Violater4664d ago

Using the same engine does not necessarily mean the games will look or play the same, i.e. both Resistance and Ratchet were built on the same core but updated engine.

niall774665d ago

but it will be needed for the next

bootsielon4665d ago

DVD is more of a disadvantage. The fact that developers have been struggling since the beginning of this gen, and even in the end of last gen, proves it. Every generation a new format should be needed. After all, with more RAM, comes more content, and a need for a better format. Of course, Digital Delivery of games will aid games, but since RAM and processing power only keeps growing, the bandwidth speeds can't keep up, unless progress stops all of a sudden and all new consoles are like the Wii: Same as last gen, but with a free gimmick.

DJ4665d ago

Remodeling characters and environments multiple times to increase polygonal detail, restructuring the lighting engine multiple times, etc. I'd love to see their future technology for the water effects as well.

Kururo4665d ago

exactly. why worry if you can make the game fit on dvd? when you dont have to. devs on the 360 go "we'll have to compress this, or compress that. maybe cut this or that." ps3 devs go "what can we make? basically whatever we want within our budget. "

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