TGS06: Virtua Tennis 3 gameplay

Virtua Tennis 3 also was very visible inside Sega's booth, running on excellent looking 1080p tvs.

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happygamer5852d ago

i hate tennis and i hate tennis games. i dont think much people like these types of games.

UrbanJabroni5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

What irks me is that it seems that some of these reasons this game is hyped for looking so good is that it is 1080p.
What I _really_ want to see is what this (or any PS3 game) looks like on a standard definition television, which is how most of the world will be seeing this (and all ps3 games). What everyone seems to forget is that one of the most important parts of the next gen consoles is how good things look when things are displayed on normal televisions. A bad downsampling can ruin a game (see text in Dead Rising). We're getting all this 1080p preview hype and everyone is forgetting that most of us _don't_ have 1080p televisions.

It would be like explaining what a pc game looks like when used with a graphics card that <1% of the world has...when the game may look like crap for the rest of us. I'm not saying anyone is going to show off their previews on less than steller televisions, but I find it shocking that no one has asked..."So, how is your game going to look on my crappy panasonic 27 inch at home?"
When we get to reviews I think every site needs to look at these games on both a HDTV and a regular television so us mortals can see if they still look as good as they claim...

UrbanJabroni5852d ago

I have the 360 tennis game and I honestly never play it because I find the loading times to get to matches/practices take too long. If BlyRay indeed has a worse loading problem than DVD (and there is no reason to doubt this) I would really like to see if this game suffers from the same issue...